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2 children planting flowers in honor of earth day.  Earth month, kids activities, outdoor kids activities

9 Fun Activities to Do with Kids During Earth Month

In winter, nature enters its slumber, even here in beautiful, sunny Los Angeles! Thankfully, spring is coming, and the Earth will get a chance to wake up. April is a special time when we focus on our planet Earth. It's a period for reflection, appreciation, and, importantly, action (more on that later!).

Earth Month provides a fantastic opportunity for parents and children to do activities that celebrate our planet and impart crucial lessons on environmental conservation. As the proud founder of Cali's Books, I've seen first-hand how combining education with fun can create meaningful experiences for children.

This article explores nine simple, budget-friendly, and engaging activities for celebrating Earth Month with your little ones. These activities are designed to be fun, educational, and a great way to bond as a family while teaching your kids the importance of caring for our planet.

Are You a Fan of Earth Day? Try Earth Month

Two kids are reading books on a terrace outside. Earth month, kids activities, outdoor kids activities

Earth Day began on April 22, 1970, as a national teach-in on the environment, spearheaded by Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin. The first Earth Day led to public demonstrations across America, with an estimated 20 million participating. This widespread activism created the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the passage of critical environmental legislation, including the Clean Air Act. That's right; Earth Day is part of why you and your kids breathe in fewer pollutants and drink clean water.

Earth Day might be officially marked on the calendar, but why limit ourselves to just one day? The beauty of Earth Month is that it gives us an entire month to explore, learn, and engage with environmental themes. From planting trees to crafting with recycled materials, the range of activities ensures every family can find something to enjoy.

Earth Day activities offer opportunities to bond with your children and teach them the importance of taking great care of our environment. Let's dive into these nine fun activities to make Earth Month memorable for your kids and learn something new yourself along the way.

9 Fun Activities to Do with Kids During Earth Month

Two kids are gardening. Earth month, kids activities, outdoor kids activities

#1: Planting Trees

Humans have been planting trees to delight future generations for millennia. There's no better way to celebrate Earth Month than planting a tree (or several). Trees are crucial for the environment; they provide oxygen, improve air quality, and offer habitats for many species. Planting a tree with your kids can be a powerful act of hope for the future and a practical lesson in environmental stewardship. Watch your new tree grow alongside your child.

#2: Watching Eco-friendly Films

When was the last time you noticed eco-conscious themes in a movie? Earth Month is a brilliant time to organize a family movie night with a selection of films that highlight environmental themes. For younger viewers, "The Lorax" teaches the importance of trees and ecological stewardship. "WALL-E offers a poignant look at the consequences of human environmental neglect, while "Happy Feet" focuses on wildlife conservation. These films are entertaining and serve as great conversation starters about the environment.

#3: Beach Clean-up

If you live near the coast, participating in a beach clean-up can be a rewarding way to contribute to Earth Month. It's a hands-on activity that teaches children about the impact of littering and the importance of taking care of our natural landscapes.

Don't have a coastline to take care of? Head off to your local park with some gloves and a trash bag and get litter picking. You can even make it a game. Who can grab the most wrappers?

#4: Reading Earth-themed Books

Combine education and fun with a selection of Earth Day books for kids from Cali's Books. Our "You Are My Sunshine" sound book, for instance, focuses on weather and nature, making it a perfect Earth Month read. Sound books offer a dynamic way for children to learn, engaging both their sense of sight and hearing. You'll be developing a deep love of the environment as well as language and engagement in no time at all.

For the little ones who prefer coloring, you can download our free pintable pages. Find the nature theme and let them have fun learning about different types of flowers and trees!

#5: Buying Local Produce

Taking your kids to the local farmers' market can be an adventure filled with colors, taste, and learning. This activity is more than just shopping; it's an experiential lesson in nutrition, agriculture, and the environment. Your kids can meet the people who grow their food and ask questions that can spark a lifelong interest in healthy eating and sustainability.

Did I mention this trip is an opportunity to discuss the environmental benefits of local produce, such as reduced transportation emissions and less packaging waste, highlighting how our food choices can impact the planet?

#6: Bird Feeders from Recycled Materials

Create bird feeders using plastic bottles or milk cartons. This activity is perfect for teaching kids about recycling and creativity. Younger children can work on simple designs, while older ones can tackle more complex projects.

Then, you sit back and watch who visits your new bird feeder. Have a talk with your children about how you're keeping these birds and their babies well-fed. Do you recognize the different bird calls? How can you tell them apart? Older kids might want to get involved by writing down all the different varieties they can spot.

#7: Scavenger Hunt

Organize a nature scavenger hunt, adapting the list of items to find to your local environment. As children search for various leaves, rocks, insects, and other natural treasures, they learn to notice the small details and wonders that often go unseen.

It's an engaging way to teach them about the ecosystem they live in, fostering a connection with nature that can inspire a lifetime of curiosity and adventure. Moreover, a nature scavenger hunt can encourage (family) teamwork, problem-solving, and physical activity, making it a wholesome, enriching experience for children of all ages.

#8: Earth Day Dress-Up

Encourage your kids to come up with nature-inspired costumes. This fun activity allows children to express their creativity while learning about different aspects of the Earth and its ecosystems.

Whether your little Earth protectors choose to embody a fluttering butterfly, a sturdy oak tree, or the flowing ocean, each costume becomes a doorway to learning more about the environment and our role in protecting it. Earth Day dress-up thus becomes more than just fun; it's a celebration of the natural world that fosters a deeper connection and understanding between our children and the Earth.

Pssst, you could even bring this to your kids' school as a wider activity for everyone to get involved in! The PTA loves creative ideas for Earth Day like this one.

#9: Water Conservation Experiment

Teach your kids about the importance of water conservation through a simple experiment. Use containers to illustrate how much water we use daily and discuss ways to reduce consumption. When you measure out all the water we use for daily activities, from brushing our teeth to showering, our kids can see that water disappears down the drain!

Hands-on lessons like this help to inspire social responsibility in our youngest earth dwellers. It can also encourage them to develop habits that can make a difference for future generations living on our beautiful planet.


Did you get some extra ideas to help you celebrate Earth Month with your kids sustainably and creatively? Celebrating Earth Month with your kids is super fun, but it's also an opportunity to teach them about the importance of caring for our planet.

With these nine Earth Day crafts and activities in your parental back pocket, your kids can engage, learn, and make a difference. Let's use this month to inspire environmental responsibility and planet wonder in our children, encouraging them to be mindful of their impact. We challenge you to make Earth Day activities a yearly tradition and help ensure a brighter, healthier future for our planet and all its future inhabitants.

As you plan your Earth Month activities, explore our collection of sound books for toddlers and the "You Are My Sunshine" book at Cali's Books. These resources can be valuable tools in teaching your children about the environment in a fun and engaging way. Let's make this Earth Month a time for learning, fun, and meaningful action. Happy Earth Month to you and your loved ones!

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