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Bundle up and save →

infinibook™: New & Improved Recordable Books

Discover a new recordable book experience with infinibook™. infinibook™ takes recordable books to the next level with a digital reader, interchangeable booklets, and a corresponding app. Designed with users in mind, infinibook’s™ recording features are easy to use and better than ever. Parents and grandparents can now record their voices directly into the infinibook™ or in the infinibook™ app to narrate their child’s story from anywhere in the world. Imagine being able to read aloud to your children or grandchildren, even when you’re not with them. Although you may be miles apart, you can still share bedtime stories and build bonds despite the distance. 

The infinibook™ is a wonderful gift that keeps kids entertained and engaged. This enhanced reading experience encourages independence, improves focus, and positively impacts kids’ emotional development. There’s no chance your little one will get bored—a new adventure is always around the corner with our growing collection of infinibooklets™. You can easily swap booklets out of the infinibook™ to read a new story. Plus, corresponding Montessori games reinforce what they’ve read with activities based on each story. There are so many more features to explore with infinibook’s™ personalized reading experience that we can’t wait for you to discover!

Recordable Stories

Recording audio with the infinibook™ is easy! You can record a voice, music, or sounds in two ways: directly into the infinibook™ or with the infinibook™ app. Just follow these simple steps to personalize your story experience:

With the infinibook™:

  1. Long press the play button (3 seconds) on each page to create a recording.
  2. Start recording! It helps to record in a quiet room, speaking about 8” from the book.
  3. Short press the play button to save your recording. 
  4. Review the recording with one short press of the play button.
  5. Now your little one can hear their favorite family member reading their story! 

With the infinibook™ app:

  1. Download the infinibook™ app
  2. Record your voice, sounds, or music in the app
  3. Sync the recording to the infinibook™
  4. Your little one enjoys their unique story!

Try voicing a silly character, or making an original sound effect—the possibilities are endless! This recording will be saved automatically and available anytime your little one wants to hear it.

Next Level Recordable Book

Next Level Recordable Book

Recordable books have blossomed into so much more with infinibook™. The infinibook™ has been a part of our mission to introduce young children to independent reading. A labor of love two years in the making, our goal has always been to make reading a fun and engaging experience. We set out to create an exciting alternative to video games and TV shows that captivates and inspires kids. We think the infinibook™ achieves this and more! The infinibook™ brings families closer than ever—for example, the audio recording feature lets Nana join storytime from anywhere in the world by recording her voice in the app to narrate her grandchild’s favorite book. Infinibook™ isn’t just a learning device that sparks a passion for learning, it’s a tool that strengthens family bonds. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The infinibook™ is an exciting new upgrade to our beloved recordable books for kids. Infinibook™ is a digital reading device that features audio recording capability, interchangeable stories, and Montessori games for a fully immersive experience. 

We have a growing collection of infinibooklets™ that are perfect for every stage of learning. As your babies grow, so can their taste in books. They will sometimes want more adventure, more magic, or even more princes and princesses. That’s why we recommend our collection of fairy tales and fantasy stories for kids aged 4 to 6 years old.

Great news! There’s no need to hassle with replacing batteries—you can easily recharge the infinibook™ with a USB-C cable. A helpful icon indicating the device’s battery life will always be visible so you’ll know exactly when your infinibook™ needs a recharge. 

You can find the infinibook™ on and on Amazon beginning September 2024.

The infinibook™ has a battery life of 10+ hours of uninterrupted reading and playtime. With regular reading sessions of an hour or less per day, the battery can last for weeks on end! 

Sound books are the perfect gifts for babies and toddlers ages 0-3. Sound books are a fun way to entertain and engage them, inspiring an early passion for reading. Once they outgrow nursery rhymes and graduate to stories, the infinibook™ is an amazing gift for kids ages 4-7.

The best part about infinibook™ is that you can read any story in multiple languages with the infinibook’s™ recording capabilities. Personalize every story by recording yourself reading aloud in the language of your choice for a bilingual reading experience that your little one can replay over and over again.
Coming Soon: Keep an eye out for new Spanish titles we’ll be releasing later this year! 

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