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Mother's Day is May 12 | Bundle up & save →
Mother's Day is May 12 | Bundle up & save →

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Recordable Books

Cali’s recordable books touch on a range of topics and themes that kids find fun and engaging. You may pick a  thoughtful story that can teach important lessons, and find it’s also a good way to introduce morals and values to your children. Animal books are the perfect place to discuss the diversity of life and the complexity and wonder of the natural world. If human stories are what you’re looking for, we have a wide range of characters that are exciting and interesting.

Discover a new approach to reading with the recordable option. The books are designed with the user in mind, making it simple to start recording. You can record your own voice while you read the stories using a simple button. Bedtime reading has never been that easy! 

These books are wonderful gifts that will keep your kids entertained. They are designed to capture moments in time that you can take with you and cherish forever. Have a beloved book read by a parent or grandparent, with voice recordings saved, to be enjoyed in the future.

Imagine being able to read to your children or grandchildren, even when you’re not with them. Our recordable books make this a reality! Kids can now enjoy interactive books and hear the voice of their loved ones, wherever they are in the world.

Recordable Stories

Recordable Stories

This children's recordable storybook is the perfect gift for your little loved one. Its' interactive features make reading time an exciting activity.

While recording, enjoy adding music, different voices and character to the story.

It's So Easy to Record your Voice Telling the Story!

Frequently Asked Questions

The recordable books have 15 individual recordable buttons on each page. They can store the sound of your voice, up to 50 seconds. Each book is equipped with a battery-operated microphone that is set near the bottom of the book to capture the voices of whoever is reading.

We have a growing collection of recordable books. As your babies grow, so can their taste in books. They will sometimes want more adventure or more magic or perhaps even more princes and princesses. That’s why we recommend our collection of fairy tales and fantasy stories for kids aged 4 to 6 years old.

Unfortunately, even the best batteries won’t work forever! Once the music dies out or stops in the middle of a song, it is time to change the batteries. It’s a simple process that can be found here.

You can find recordable books through online retailers such as Amazon Books or through publishers like us, Cali’s Books.