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FREE Three Little Pigs with infinibook preorder! →

Frequently Asked Questions

Our sound books are perfect for ages 0-5 years old. With our sound books, children can benefit from listening to nursery rhymes, getting an introduction to reading, and enjoying bonding time with their caregivers from a very early age.

Our recordable books are great for ages 3-10. Toddlers can push the button and listen to the stories, while older children can begin to read using the highlighted words to help word recognition. Young readers can even read and record their own voice!

Find all our customers favorite books and collections here.

Yes, every sound book comes with three A10 batteries. They are designed to last 1 hour and 30 minutes which is the equivalent of 300 button pushes. We also off one additional free set of batteries with every book purchased on our website! For more information on batteries, click here.

For our new 2022 collection of sound books only one CR2032 battery is needed and is included when purchasing the books, you can also purchase extra 2022 edition of our battery kit on our site.

For all recordable books AAA Batteries are included and can be purchased in any store when they stop working.

Make sure you always recycle your old batteries!

Batteries for all our sound books up to 2021 editions can be purchased on our website here.

For our new 2022 collection of sound books make sure to order the 2022 edition of our battery kit.

For all recordable books AAA Batteries can be purchased in any store, we do not offer these batteries on our site.

To open the battery compartment and change your batteries or record your book, make sure you use the phillips side of our trusty screwdriver!

1. If you purchased your book outside our website, you can receive your first battery kit for free.

Add one Battery Kit to your cart and enter the code: Free-Batteries at checkout.

For US orders, the Battery Kit shipping is $5.

2. If you purchase your book on our website: You will get one battery kit for free with every order. Add your free gift at checkout.

If you have any questions, contact us at

Are the Batteries included?

Yes, The Timeless collection books come with 3 AAA Batteries.

Can I change my recording?

Yes, you can record an unlimited number of times.

Is my recording safe?

Yes, there’s a safety button in the batteries compartment. When you are happy with your recording, you can securely save it so it won’t be accidentally erased.

How long is the recording time?

You can record up to 50 seconds per page. There are 15 pages to record.

How long is the pre-recorded version of the story?

It is about 5 minutes long.

Can I change the booklet?

Yes, you can order a blank booklet on the website and we will even send the first one for free!

Use code BeCreativeWithCalisbooks for your first free blank booklet .

Make sure you purchase the 2021 edition of our blank booklet for 2021 edition of recordable books, and the 2022 edition blank booklet for 2022 recordable books.

For what ages do you recommend the books?

From 3-10 years old.

To track your order, please enter your tracking number here.

For U.S orders: We ship your order within 24 hours on Monday-Saturday via USPS from Los Angeles, California.

During regular seasons, please allow 2-5 business days for your order to arrive. During Holidays or Peak seasons, delivery might take a little longer.

For International Orders: We use international carriers like Passport, DHL and UPS to ensure the best rate possible.

During regular seasons, please allow 7-14 business days for your order to arrive. Please go to our policies to know more about international shipping policies. During Holidays or Peak seasons, delivery might take a little longer.

Yes, we offer a Lifetime warranty.

We want you to enjoy our books for as long as possible!

So you can replace your books for ANY reason, simply go to our policies to find out more.

We do not offer gift wrapping, but rest assured that no prices are included in the package your gift is sent in!

At cart level you will be able to add a gift note to your order. We will send your personal note as an e-card or sms to the recipient once the order is delivered or on the date of your choice.

We are here to make it right for you! You have 1 month to exchange your order or send it back and get a refund. Please write to us at and we will assist you until you are 100% satisfied!

We love to hear from you, and we take pride in our top-notch customer service!Please send us any questions, comments, or suggestions at

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