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Free Shipping on $75+ Orders →

CR2032 Battery Replacement Kit

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With this Battery Replacement Kit for sound books, your little one will be able to play music non-stop! Each CR2032 battery, including the one that comes with your sound book, will play for even longer!

The CR2032 Battery Replacement Kit Includes:

  • 3 Replacement batteries. 
  • Teeny tiny screwdriver made to fit perfectly for our books

❣️ Be aware that these batteries are to be used in these editions of Cali's Sound Books❣️

If you are looking to find which batteries to purchase for your Cali's Book, check the back of your book to see whether the battery compartment looks like the one below. If it doesn't please check our AG10 Battery Kit.

These batteries are compatible with sound books. All books come with batteries included.

Which battery should I get?

Check the shape of the battery compartment and the number of batteries you need for each book!

Three LR54/AG10 batteries for all books 2021 and older

One CR2032 for 2022 edition books (FRENCH 2022 and EASTER)

→ To find out how to change your batteries check out this extremely cute video!

To open the battery compartment for replacements or to record your book, use the phillips side of our trusty screwdriver!

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Lifetime half-price replacement 🥳

We're all about creating that lifelong  bond and growing up with your family!

- Books can be replaced for ANY reason for half the price!

- Includes chewed, drooled on, ripped, driven over, flushed, or anything else your children or pets can find to do to damage the book. 🤪

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Which batteries should I get?