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Bundle up and save →

Welcome back!

If you purchased your Cali's Books outside our website, we want to give you the same special treatment we offer to our website's customers. Register with us to enjoy our warranty, our lifetime happiness guaranty and special offers including free batteries by filling in the form below.

You can enjoy lifetime warranty
Even if you did not buy your books on our website, you can enjoy our warranty and our half price replacement program if you create an account on our website and fill in the form below. For more information on how to replace you batteries and get your first free replacement and free my story blank booklet, click here.

Sound Books

Our musical books are colorful, fun, and engaging, making reading fun for the little ones at home. They are the perfect way to introduce children to the world of books.

Recordable Books

The Timeless Collection is all about transitioning to longer stories and listening to fairy tales through the voice of our favorite story teller.

Gift Accessories

We offer beautiful gift boxes, cards and stickers to send your Cali's books to your loved ones on that special day!