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FREE Three Little Pigs with infinibook preorder! →
FREE Three Little Pigs with infinibook preorder! →

🎧 Explore our collection of free audio books & stories for kids. Download in no time! 🎧

Welcome to our collection of free audio books and stories for children! Dive into a world of imagination and learning with our audio library of free digital books, sound books, and bedtime stories. Whether you're looking for free audio books for toddlers or engaging bedtime stories, we have them all in one convenient place.

Listen to the free audio books and digital stories in the car, in the playroom, or before bed. This collection of audio stories includes such classics as The Ants and The Grasshopper, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Three Little Pigs, and more. Just scroll down and find what your child likes more.

If you are a multilingual family or plan to introduce more languages to your child, we also have free bilingual pre-recordings for the free audio. See the list of free audio books below and start downloading at no cost.

By downloading Cali’s freebies, you agree to receive useful information and offers. You can unsubscribe at any time. Download and sign up to claim your free audio stories—no purchase necessary. Enjoy the free stuff with your kids!

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Ready to embark on a memorable journey with your favorite free audio books? 🎧

Here's a step-by-step guide to get you started:

1 - Explore our library of popular audio stories on this page.

2 - Choose your favorite audio story and click the "Download" button. A pop-up will ask for your name and email address.

3 - Fill in your name and email, then click "Continue."

4 - You'll be taken to a new view where you can click "Download" to access your free songs, which will be saved to your device.

5 - Check your email for a download link, also found in your inbox. Check your spam folder just in case.

6 - Play the songs on any MP3-supported device, such as smartphones, tablets, or computers, and enjoy the music with your kids!

7 - By downloading our free songs, you'll receive helpful information and offers, with the option to unsubscribe anytime. Keep an eye out for new offers and parenting tips!

Frequently asked Questions

Yes, all the audio books and stories on this page are completely free to download and enjoy with your children. There are no hidden fees or charges. No purchase is required!

Yes, the audio books are available in MP3 format, which should be supported by various devices, including your smartphone, tablets, and computers. In other words, you can listen to the free audio stories on any device that supports MP3 files.

Yes, you'll need to enter your name and email address in the pop-up window when you click the "Download" button. This allows us to send you a download link and keep you updated with useful information and offers.

Please check your spam folder if you don’t see our email with the download link for too long. If you still can't find it, you can reach out to our team, and they will assist you with the download process.

Our collection of free audio books and stories cater to a wide range of ages, from toddlers to older children. However, we recommend parental guidance while selecting stories to ensure they are age-appropriate for your child.

How can you use free audio stories from Cali’s Books?

Wondering how to use these free audio stories with your little ones? Here are some ideas from our team.

Bedtime Routine

If you are a toddler’s parent, use these free audio books to establish a soothing bedtime routine. Listening to a calming story will help your child unwind after a busy day and drift off to sleep. We believe that audio materials like these books will foster a love for stories and improve your toddler’s listening skills.

Long Car Rides

Keeping your toddler entertained during long car rides can be a challenge! These free audio books and stories are perfect for keeping them engaged and happy during such trips. Your toddler can listen to their favorite stories, which makes the journey more enjoyable for the whole family.

Language Development

Exposing your child to a variety of stories and vocabulary at an early age is essential for their language development. These free audio books offer a diverse selection of stories that stimulate your child's imagination while also enhancing their listening and comprehension skills.

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