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Buy any 3, 5, 7+ books and save →
Free Shipping on +$75 orders

Make it Bilingual!

Sharing languages with our children is a great way to teach them how to be open minded to new experiences, cultures, and people. Learning a new language is proven to improve capacity for memorization, listening, reading, writing, math, and learning in general.

Here you will find the 4 simple steps to transform your recordable books into bilingual stories, with the audio in French or Spanish and text in English AND in French or Spanish!
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 Step 1
Download the audio and text from our website for free.
tape it on the corresponding text in your book 
Step 2
Print the text and stick it on the correct pages.
Simply tape the corners, so you can always go back to the original text.
 play the audio on your phone or other device
Step 3
Record your voice using your phone or use the provided bilingual audio file.
You can even make it extra special and record yourself in both languages.
 your timeless story is now bilingual!
Step 4
Enjoy bilingual recordable stories! These are also nice to listen to in the car if you’re into audio books.


The following books have free bilingual texts and audios available:
  •       Cinderella
  •       The Ugly Duckling
  •       Hansel and Gretel
  •       The Three Little Pigs
  •       Beauty and the Beast
  •      Jack and the Beanstalk



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