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Free Shipping on $75+ Orders →
Free Shipping on $75+ Orders →

Free Batteries

How can I get the free battery set?

1. If you purchased your book outside our website, you can receive your first battery kit for free. Add one Battery Kit to your cart and enter the code: Free-Batteries at checkout.

For US orders, the Battery Kit shipping is $5.

We want to give you the same special treatment we offer to our website's customers ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Here, you will find a registration form to fill out and enjoy our warranty, our lifetime half-price replacement program and special offers.

2. If you purchase your book on our website: You will get one battery kit for free with every order. Add your free gift at checkout!

Are batteries included?

Yes, every book comes with three A10/LR54 batteries. They are designed to last 1 hour and 20 minutes which is the equivalent of 300 button pushes.

When the music stops completely or in the middle of the songs, batteries should be replaced.

Cali's Books uses Batteries AG 10/LR54.

To change your musical book batteries:

1. Use a screwdriver and remove the screw

2. Slide battery compartment and open to remove batteries

3. Always replace the all set of batteries at one time

4. Only use non rechargeable batteries

5. Insert new batteries with (+) facing up

6. Replace the battery cover and screw in place

7. Dispose of used batteries

8. Ensure the battery compartment is secure before giving the book to a child