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Mother's Day is May 12 | Bundle up & save →
Mother's Day is May 12 | Bundle up & save →

Get FREE replacement battery kits for your sound books!

Welcome to our one-stop destination to get a battery replacement for your Cali’s sound book. Here, you can learn how to get AG10 and CR2032 batteries for free. We also provide step-by-step instructions on changing batteries in your books. Keep your sound books powered and let those tunes and stories flow with these reliable battery replacement solutions.

Check your battery type

Be sure to check which kind of batteries you need, scroll down to choose one that fits your book!


Square shape


Irregular shape

AG10 Replacement Battery

Replacement Battery Kit for Sound Books with three AG10 Batteries

Replacement Battery Kit for Sound Books with three AG10 Batteries

Check the back of your book to see what the battery case looks like. If this is the right one just click here and get your FREE batteries now.

Get AG10 batteries free now →

CR2032 Replacement Battery Kit

Replacement Battery Kit for Sound Books with one CR2032 Battery

Replacement Battery Kit for Sound Books with one CR2032 Battery

If your battery case looks like this then these are the batteries for you! Simply click here and go straight to check out.

Get CR2032 batteries free now →

How can I get the free batteries with my next order?

If you you want to purchase other books AND your replacement battery kit then simply choose the right battery kit, add it to your cart and enter the code: Free-Batteries at checkout.

For US orders, the Battery Kit shipping is $5. If you spend over $75, shipping is FREE.

How do I change the Batteries?

To change your musical book batteries:

1. Use a screwdriver and remove the screw

2. Slide battery compartment and open to remove batteries

3. Always replace the all set of batteries at one time

4. Only use non rechargeable batteries

5. Insert new batteries with (+) facing up

6. Replace the battery cover and screw in place

7. Dispose of used batteries

8. Ensure the battery compartment is secure before giving the book to a child


Are batteries included?

Yes, every book comes with three A10/LR54 batteries. They are designed to last 1 hour and 20 minutes which is the equivalent of 300 button pushes.

When the music stops completely or in the middle of the songs, batteries should be replaced.

Cali's Books uses Batteries AG 10/LR54.

How do I fix a battery issue?

Frequently Asked Questions

Identify the battery case on the back of your book and select the corresponding AG10 or CR2032 replacement battery kit. Add the kit to your cart and use the code: Free-Batteries at checkout.

Shipping for battery kits within the US is $5. However, if you spend over $75, shipping becomes FREE.

For expedited shipping and international shipping cost is calculated at checkout.
International shipping includes duties and taxes.

Follow the above step-by-step instructions, making sure to use non-rechargeable batteries and to secure the battery compartment before giving the book back to a child.

Replace the batteries when the music stops completely or in the middle of the songs. It indicates that the batteries need to be replaced.

Register your purchase on our registration page to enjoy the lifetime warranty and exclusive offers.

Batteries are small items that can pose a choking hazard for babies and young children. To ensure safety, always replace batteries away from children, and store spare batteries out of their reach. Double-check that the battery compartment is securely fastened before giving the book back to your child.

To dispose of used batteries, do not throw them in the regular trash. Instead, follow your local guidelines for battery disposal or take them to a battery recycling place (like your local library).