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A mom is posing with gifts at her baby shower. Baby shower, baby shower gift, baby gift, gift ideas.

Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Guide: From Budget-Friendly to Generous

As soon as you are invited to attend a baby shower, the pressure is on to find the most perfect, cutest, amazing, educational/entertaining, and unique baby shower gifts… or at least that’s how I remember it. Even with all the perceived pressure (although in real life there was no need to panic), shopping for baby shower gifts, discussing baby shower gift ideas, and even putting together baby shower gift baskets has always been a labor of love.

That is why I feel confident in having put together 30 baby shower gift ideas, ranging from the extravagant and generous to the budget-conscious and practical baby shower gift ideas that can work for anyone in your life who is expecting. 

Baby Showers: What to Expect

As a guest of a baby shower, you are there to express joy and excitement for the mother-to-be and to communicate the love and profound impact that being a mother has on your life. Often, jokes about the challenges and strife that come with babies are shared with a combination of laughs and exasperated sighs as mothers regale each other with baby and toddler stories.

Themes and games are another common part of baby showers and gender reveal parties have become extremely popular, creating a spectacle as the mother and father find out for the first time if they are expecting a boy or girl. These are all ways that the mother-to-be and her friends can connect and have fun as you celebrate the soon-to-be arriving baby.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas: The Comprehensive Guide

Close up of a party table at a baby shower. Baby shower, baby shower gift, baby gift, gift ideas.

Knowing what to get your friends can be tricky but we have put together a comprehensive guide that covers gifts for mothers of all types and temperaments and with a range of budget possibilities, giving you the maximum number of options when searching for your unique and practical baby shower gifts.

Practical Baby Shower Gifts

  • Large Pack of Diapers: Unless this baby is a miracle baby that doesn’t poop, you know that mother is going to need diapers. A large pack of diapers helps with the hassle of going out to get more shortly after the baby is born.
  • Baby Wipes: As all parents know, baby wipes become an indispensable tool in the parenting arsenal. By giving some of your favorite baby wipes, you are preparing them for the road ahead.
  • Long-Sleeve Bodysuits: The classic “onesie”, long-sleeve bodysuits often become the staple clothing choice of babies, mostly because they are easy to use and clean. While they may not be as cute as other baby clothes, their functionality makes them a top-tier gift at any baby shower.
  • Baby Feeding Essentials: Breast pumps, bottles, bottle warmers, nipple cream and all the other attachments and gadgets that come with breastfeeding can be an entire kit on its own. Mothers love all the advice and gifts they can get in this department because the process is hard, and all help is welcomed.
  • Teething Products: Since adults don’t remember, it can be easy to forget how painful it must be to push teeth through your gums. Thankfully, crafty parents and product designers have created teething aids to help kids through this pain.
  • Baby Bottles: Bottles and their accompanying parts can quickly become like socks in the laundry: one lid and no nipple, or the lid and nipple but no bottle, leaving parents frustrated and needing help. That is why extra baby bottles are a must!
  • Pacifiers: Almost mythical in its power to calm babies, the soother or pacifier is a classic for a reason. Babies love them and parents use them. Pacifiers have always been and will always be one of the most practical baby shower gift ideas you can ever give.

Baby Shower Gift Basket Ideas

  • Soft Baby Toys: As parents know, babies love to chew on soft things. That is why soft baby toys, especially an assortment of them, can be the perfect gift for your baby shower party.
  • Sound Books: Sound books are great for many reasons. They engage and entertain babies with their bright colors, illustrations, and wonderful sounds. They give babies a surface to grab onto, sounds to listen to, and pages to focus on, making them both educational and entertaining, the true holy grail of baby gifts!
  • Photo Album: If there is one thing that we know about new parents is that they will be taking more pictures than is seemingly possible as soon as the baby is born. Why not give them a place to put them all with a beautiful photo album?
  • Gift Cards: Gift cards give parents the ability to buy what they need, when they need it, making it a helpful and flexible gift that many parents appreciate.
  • Baby Skincare Products: Many babies are born with skin issues like eczema, rashes and more. Skincare products can give babies much needed relief when they need it most.

DYI Gifts

  • Personalized Card: Those with the knack for crafting, a particular sense of humor or the will to put something together for their friends can make personalized and beautiful cards, commemorating the event forever.
  • Handmade Clothing: For those who have the skill and patience for this, handmade clothing makes amazing and unique baby shower gifts. They last a long time and can become an integral part of that baby’s wardrobe, showing up in pictures and in memories for years to come.
  • Gift Certificate: Gift certificates for photo shoots and other baby services make great gifts as well because they pre-pay for a service that the parents will want to use later. All the parents must do is plan and show up with their gift certificate and the baby, making it as simple and easy as possible.

Baby Shower Gifts for Outdoor

  • Sweet Sweater: There are a ton of cool designs and sayings that are printed on sweaters with the express purpose of making that baby look cool and hilarious. Getting one as a gift is a sure way to win the “best-gift-of-the-shower” award.
  • Baby Sleeping Bag: Outside of going to the bathroom and eating, babies love nothing more than to sleep. Get them a comfy bed-away-from-home with a baby sleeping bag.
  • Playmat: Playmats give babies a clean place to laze around and play, no matter where the parents go. They make a great gift, no matter the size of the family or the gender of the baby!
  • Baby Travel Bag: When you become a parent, you realize that you are essentially a sherpa for your baby, tasked with carrying around their mountain of stuff. That is where a cool, stylish baby travel bag can make a difference for your friends and their new baby.
  • Changing Pad: Did I mention that babies love to go to the bathroom? A lot? Well, they do, and a fresh new changing pad may be exactly what the doctor ordered for your soon-to-be mother!
  • Baby Sling: For active and adventurous parents, baby slings give you all the functionality of a baby carrier but with fewer buckles and straps. They also look a lot nicer and are more comfortable for the baby.

Gift Ideas for the Nursery

  • Baby Blanket: Baby blankets hold a special place in the hearts of babies. Finding the right baby blanket can certify you as that baby’s best friend and ensure that you are invited to all future birthdays (even if only to continue to give awesome gifts).
  • Mattress Pad: Between the spit-up and the bathroom accidents, a mattress pad is guaranteed to save your mattress dozens of times.
  • Babyproofing Home Products: Everything from corner pads to baby gates can make a home safer for a baby and that is why babyproofing home products make a great baby shower gift.

Generous Baby Shower Gifts

  • Stroller: For those who want to spoil the mother-to-be, larger gifts, like a baby stroller, can take a serious financial burden off the shoulders of the parents, helping them have less stress and more disposable income for unexpected expenses
  • Crib: After learning how to be a brand-new human all day, these babies need to sleep and for their own safety, they sleep in a crib. These can be quite expensive but for those who have the means, this makes a phenomenal gift at a baby shower.
  • Crib Mattress: Crib mattresses are also expensive, particularly if they are organic. Many parents would truly appreciate a gift of this magnitude.
  • Rocking Chair: When it comes to feeding and soothing a new baby, there is nothing quite like a sturdy and well-built rocking chair.
  • Changing Table: Another indispensable part of the baby room furniture set, the baby change table provides a place to change the baby as well as a place to organize all the other things that come with taking care of that bundle of joy.
  • Highchair: Highchairs bring babies up to adult height when seated at the table, which is critical for proper development. Highchairs make an amazing gift for new parents, particularly because most first-time parents won’t have anything of the sort in their home.
  • Baby Playpen: Playpens play an important role in the development of babies as well and when a playpen is gifted at a baby shower, they are always well received. 

Baby Showers: A Time for Celebration and Gift Giving

Giving gifts to new parents is as fun as it is exciting, mostly because you know what they are in for. It is a wild ride that is both exhilarating and exhausting at the same time and they can use all the help they can get. Use this guide as a tool to help you pick and choose the perfect baby shower gifts for your friends and family and help to make their special day a little more special.

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