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A pregnant mom is posing at her baby shower with balloons and cakes. Baby shower, ideas, activities, themes, games.

Essential Ideas and Tips to Organize a Perfect Baby Shower

My baby showers were one of the happiest times of my pregnancy. Being surrounded by family, friends, and loved ones while you talk all things baby-to-be and welcome someone new into the world and your life. I thought I might burst with joy! Though, that could have just been my rapidly expanding belly.

Whether planning a baby shower for someone in your life or looking forward to your own, this article will take you through everything you need to know. You'll get plenty of inspiration, including theme and decor ideas, cake ideas, and tips for creating a memorable backdrop. Let your baby shower ideas run free!

Why Are Baby Showers Organized?

A baby on the way is one of the happiest occasions for parents-to-be and loved ones to celebrate. The traditional way for people to let all that joy and excitement run wild and free is to plan a baby shower and 'shower' the new parents in love, gifts, and well wishes.

The sentimental reasons for a baby shower are easy to grasp, but there are also practical reasons, like helping the parents gather everything they need to care for their new bundle of joy. Paying for all that yourself adds up quickly, and the community of friends and family wants to help.

In recent years, themed baby showers have gotten more popular than ever, and there are so many fun ones to choose from. We've gathered some favorites for you.

Baby Shower Themes

The most popular baby shower themes in the United States are the traditional blue and pink. Other popular themes include animals, sports, and nature. You can let your imagination run wild, though!

Baby Shower Themes for Girls

Two women are preparing a baby shower. Baby shower, ideas, activities, themes, games.

Pink and Purple Color Schemes

Pink and purple is a perfect color theme for more traditional parents. It can be as out there or as classy as you wish it to be.

Princess or Fairy Tale Themes

Do you already know you will treat your little girl like a princess or a fairy? Then this theme will be very on-brand and set the scene. You're cordially invited.

Floral Decorations

Who doesn't love a floral theme? This is an especially apt theme if you're having a delightful springtime baby.

Cute Animals

Is there anything cuter than a newborn baby? Perhaps a baby animal. Set the tone by decorating with the cutest forest creatures around.

Baby Shower Themes for Boys

Close up of a baby shower cake. Baby shower, ideas, activities, themes, games.

Blue and Green Color Schemes

    The classic version for the boy-parents-to-be! I'm especially partial to a navy and sage theme.

    Adventure Themes

      Are you big fans of football or hockey? Perhaps you've always wanted to explore the jungle. This theme is perfect for your little Indiana Jones.

      Transportation Themed Decorations

        Traveling by plane, train, or car is a beloved family pastime for us. Are you big travelers as a couple? Introduce your baby boy in style.

        Gender Neutral Themed Baby Shower

          There is no need to stick to gendered concepts when it comes to planning a baby shower. Many parents choose gender-neutral themes, and I've attended a fabulous dinosaur-themed baby shower for a baby girl whose parents are paleontologists! Feel free to pick and choose whatever makes you happy.

          Baby Shower Cakes

          Close up of a party buffet. Baby shower, ideas, activities, themes, games.

          Whenever I attend a baby shower, I know what I'm looking forward to the most is the sweet treats. People are so immensely creative when it comes to cakes and other baked goods.

          Here are some ideas:

          • Cakes for Girls: consider cakes decorated with purple frosting, cakes shaped like a castle, flower cakes, cakes with popular and recognizable figurines, as well as polka dot decoration.
          • Cakes for Boys: some popular examples are superheroes, sports figurines, sports items (e.g., soccer balls), and blue or green frosting.

          Want to save some money on the cakes? Grab some basic cupcakes from your local grocery store and have everyone decorate their own with the colors of your baby shower.

          Baby Shower Backdrop

          Baby shower backdrop. Baby shower, ideas, activities, themes, games.

          Trust me; you'll want plenty of pictures to remember this day by. It may be the first time you've seen all these people in one room since your wedding or last big birthday!

          Creating a backdrop for photo opportunities and memories is an excellent chance for people to get creative. Some materials you can use for this are:

          •   streamers
          •   balloons or balloon arches
          •   paper flowers
          •   frames
          •   accessories for posing

          It's super important to keep the theme and style of your backdrop in line with the rest of the baby shower theme. It's all about that cohesive feeling.

          I kept all of these items for later on, and they make great additions to wrap presents or decorate for future birthdays. Every little bit of eco-consciousness helps keep our beautiful planet alive and well for our little ones.

          Baby Shower Hacks

          A pregnant Mom is on the phone planning her baby shower. Baby shower, ideas, activities, themes, games.

          Ready for the best hacks and tips for throwing the perfect baby shower?

          Start Planning Early

          Baby showers are typically hosted by a close friend or family member of the parents-to-be. However, you can also host yourself or hire a professional party planner.

          Whatever choice you make, you want to start planning nice and early. The party is usually late in the second or early in the third trimester of pregnancy.

          Set a Budget

          Like with any party, you know how quickly costs can run away from you when you don't have a clear budget. Having children is expensive, and we don't want you getting into debt from the get-go. Set a clear budget and keep your expectations within that.

          Choose a Theme

          We hope you've gotten some great ideas on theme possibilities from this article. The main reason for choosing a theme is a good idea because it keeps the planning on track and helps you make choices in a world of beautiful, adorable decor.

          Make a Guest List

          Consider this tip in line with making a budget. In your ideal world, you may want to invite every person on your friends and family roster. However, your budget (and your venue) may not make this possible. Start with your nearest and dearest and work your way out.

          Plan Activities and Games

          People are in two minds on baby shower activities and games, but I love them. It keeps the day on track and gets everyone involved and chatting with each other.

          Consider the Needs of the Parents

          As the planner, it can be easy to go all out on the type of wedding shower you'd want. However, you always want to think of who this day is for. Are the parents much more laid back and would prefer a smaller venue with fewer people over a massive crowd of well-wishers? Be sure to ask! 

          Perfect Baby Shower Gifts

          A pregnant woman is holding gifts at her baby shower. Baby shower, ideas, activities, themes, games.

          As I mentioned, one of the reasons behind throwing a baby shower is to give every mom-to-be a great start with all the items they will need to care for their beautiful baby.

          Remember to check if there's a baby shower registry anywhere, but here are some perfect baby shower gifts to get you started:

          • Clothing: you can't go wrong with this one, but remember to grab more than just newborn baby clothes. They grow quickly! 
          • Diapers: whether disposable or reusable, a diaper is always a welcome gift at a baby shower. 
          • Toys: everything to keep the little bundle of joy engaged with the world. A good tip from me is to avoid anything that makes too much noise. Many parents prefer calm and quiet in the nursery. 
          • Strollers and Car Seats: probably one of the biggest purchases and one you and a few friends can chip in together for. Let's keep the baby cozy, comfortable, and safe. 
          • Books about Parenting: so many excellent books about parenting are coming out every year—especially well-loved present for first-time parents. 
          • Lotion and Bath Products: relaxing bath time with the little one is a perfect bonding activity. 
          • Cali's Books: we create interactive sound books for children that get them singing, dancing, and interacting. So many of my favorites are nursery rhymes appropriate for newborns and up. You'll be singing together in no time!

          For more baby shower gift ideas, check out our gift guide of 30+ gift ideas here.


          Are you ready to get planning? We hope you've gotten some ideas to make your baby shower as personal as possible. The planning can look a little overwhelming, but having fun during the planning and at the party is a joy.

          Welcome to parenthood! You've got this.

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