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Reading Our Way Back To School

This week my daughter, Margaux, got back to school. She’s so excited and so am I! Many of your children will be going through this experience whether is their first year or not. So here’s a little peek into how we’ve been going back to school.

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After a summer full of family time, adventures, and reading, I am feeling more ready than ever to kick back into our familiar back to school routine! The long summer days often lend way to eased schedules, lazy habits, and late bedtimes. In my family, nothing does us more good than getting back on track!

Hi, I'm Cali! Cali's Books Founder. I'm a happy mother of two young kids and an all-time book lover. I am French living in California and I'd love to share with you my experiences of bringing up my family in America. I built Cali's books book publishing house for my children and I hope you enjoy our interactive books created with love to inspire and cultivate a love for books.

  • Our Back To School Routine
  • Reading And The School Curriculum
  • Socializing And School
  • My Top 5 Favorite Back To School Books

Our Back To School Routine

As parents of toddlers know, it is important to approach any transition or change in schedule with awareness and sensitivity. It can be tough for them to adapt to something new, which is why it is important to me to keep some things consistent all year round.

 In our family, you might guess what our consistent ritual is: it’s reading! We make a valiant effort to connect with our children every single day through stories, language, and bonding time (learn more about Why Reading is An Expression of Love). Adding fun and educational books to the mix just feels right at this time of year!

Reading And The School Curriculum

Whether you are choosing to send your kids to private, public, or homeschool, there is a basic academic curriculum that you can expect to be on your child’s learning agenda. In our family, we love to incorporate this curriculum into our home conversations, as a way to ease the gap between school and home learning! 

Most preschoolers will have to know some basics before kindergarten, these may include singing the alphabet, recognizing and matching uppercase letters and lowercase letters as well as some basic phonics and tracing for each letter. They will also need to start counting and they will need to recognize colors by name. Finally, they will learn to behave and socialize with other children and adults! 

Socializing and School

T his summer, we were lucky enough to go back to Greece and spend time with family and old friends. We also made lots of new friends and learned about new cultures. Now we are back in LA, Margaux just started in her new school and Julien is getting ready for kindergarten. We're so lucky to have such great friends around us especially since we live so far from our relatives in Europe.

That is why in our family, school is such an important part of our social lives. This week, we will be meeting new friends and reconnecting with old ones, and what better way to get to know each other than with our favorite colors! I am really excited to be sending out our new book 'Colors' this week and I hope you can all enjoy it as much as we do! In the meantime, we have some lovely coloring cards with our free printables that you can give to your new friends.

My Top 5 Favorite Back To School Books 

Here are 5 of my favorite books that we read in preparation for Back to School. Each one is a sound book, meaning it features a sound button, 15 seconds of music, and song lyrics. You can also check out our Back to School Bundle!

  • Dinosaur Alphabet
    Have you got a little paleontologist in your family? This ABCs introduction is full of vibrant illustrations and fun facts. Dinosaur sings the letters of the alphabet while associating each of them with the name of a Dinosaur. It features a unique alphabet song and high-quality sound that makes learning the alphabet both fun and exciting for babies, toddlers, and young children.
  • Count With Me
    Familiar nursery rhymes with a focus on numbers make counting fun! Counting songs in this book include such favorites as Five Little Monkeys and One, Two, Three, Four, Five. Learning numbers has never been so exciting!
  • Colors
    A combination of music and colors makes for educational entertainment. Colors Nursery Rhymes is a great color book for toddlers 1-4. Its soft-spoken music rhymes and playful illustrations will delight babies, toddlers (and their parents) everywhere! It features six different songs about the color of objects around them to reinforce the color concept.
  • Thank you Nursery Rhymes
    This story is a great reminder for our little ones of the importance of gratitude and appreciation. This book also doubles as a holiday celebration book! The book includes fun illustrations and songs so little ones can learn to give thanks for family, friends and food!
  • Sing The Alphabet
    There’s no better way to learn than through poems and songs. Cute illustrations spark the interest of even the littlest learners! The alphabet song makes learning the alphabet fun! With easy first words and well-known tunes, this book provides an ideal introduction to the ABCs. Singing the alphabet introduces letters in a fun way. Babies can listen and toddlers sing along!

There you have it! Whether you’ve been counting down the days until class is back in session, or your heart is feeling sad that the summer days have slipped away, take advantage of the opportunity to connect with your child daily by reading to them. Happy back to school!


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