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Cinderella - 2021 edition

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Cali's Books’ version of this magical fairy tale brings us Cinderella and Prince Charming, who love reading and books. Wonderfully illustrated by Clara Spinassi, this book takes us through this classic story full of diverse characters and selected colored text to introduce your little one to word recognition. A magical and timeless fairy tale that is a must-have on any kid's bookshelf.

The Timeless Collection is all about transitioning to longer stories and listening to fairy tales through the voice of our favorite storyteller. Parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles; with our technology, anyone can record their voice so your children can hear them tell these stories time and time again and enjoy that special bond. 

You can also download our FREE French and Spanish recordings to make your recordable book bilingual! Go to Make it bilingual to find out more.

This book is gift-ready! It comes with 3 size AAA batteries that can be easily replaced and a specially designed gift box!

ISBN: 978-1-950648-33-7

Cinderella- 2021 edition is compatible with My Story Blank Booklet 2021 edition. Add your My Story Blank Booklet to your basket and transform your recordable boook into your own illustrated story!

Reader discretion: This is an adaptation of a classic fairy tale from the 17th century.  To keep the charm of the original version, this book may include sisters quarreling, arranged marriage, and servitude. Finally, this story might create unrealistic expectations linked to princes and fairy godmothers.