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Books for 3-Year-Olds

Children love to sing and play. It's a time for them to lose themselves in their imagination and open up to new ideas. Reading aloud to your kids can improve language and communication skills. With our sound books, you’ll support your kids as they develop early literacy, information processing, memory skills and better abstract reasoning skills.

How to use:

Attention span: singing and listening require focus, which helps develop our attention spans.It can also help reduce children’s anxiety. Calm kids are happy kids!

Language skills: singing and listening allows time to practice new words. The constant feedback loop between hearing a word and repeating it helps deepen language skills at an early age.

Boost self-confidence: your toddler can tell when they're doing a great job singing along for their parents or grandparents. Make their confidence shine as bright as that twinkling little star!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose the right books for my child at age 3?

While your child will have their favorites, it's still important to branch out and introduce them to a variety of picture books. If your toddler is passionate about a particular book, try finding out exactly what they like about it (by asking questions) and find books that explore similar concepts, but in a new way.

How to use these books with my child at age 3?

It can be easy to finish one book and quickly be on the hunt for the next. But it’s greatly beneficial for children to take some time to reflect on the story they’ve just read, especially if the picture book is communicating a particular message. After you’ve finished reading with your child, dedicate some time to discussing the events of the story and what they think it means.

What are the benefits of sound books for my child’s development?

Our sound books and fairytales are interactive, fun and educational. From listening skills to motor skills, it’s a great way to support your kids on their learning journey.

What if this order is a gift?

You can send a gift box with a card to make it extra special!