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La Vaca Lola and Other Spanish Nursery Rhymes Lyrics

La Vaca Lola and Other Spanish Nursery Rhymes Lyrics

La Vaca Lola and more can be found in our new Spanish Nursery Rhymes book, La Vaca Lola. This fun and popular sound book also contains 5 other short nursery rhymes in Spanish, para cantar en español! All the lyrics are written en español and have the English translation, to help create a fun educational moment for Bilingual Children or for children to learn Spanish!  

🎶 Songs included 🎶

  • La Vaca Lola
  • Debajo de un Boton
  • Estrellita
  • Cucu Cantaba La Rana
  • La Arana Pequenita
  • Barco Chiquitito


La Vaca Lola

La Vaca Lola, or Lola the cow, is a very modern kids’ song! It was actually written in 2011, for an Argentinean children’s Youtube channel, based on an old Spanish Nursery Rhyme called “Arroz con Leche”, or Rice Pudding. Children and parents, alike, love to sing this Nursey Rhyme as a bedtime story.


Debajo de un boton

Debajo de un boton tells a story, which is rare for nursery rhymes, about Señor Martín and a Mouse. When singing this song, if your child is old enough, you can engage your little one’s brain by asking them questions such as: What did Martin find under a button? Or was the mouse big or small? 


Cu Cu Cantaba

Cu Cu Cantaba La Rana tells the story of a frog singing under the water. As the frog sings, he meets different characters, which is why it says he meets a “caballero” with his cape and hat This song has a lot of history. It’s first version was created in 1657! Of course, many versions have been created until what we sing to our children today; this sweet nursery rhyme for children!


Estrellita is Twinkle, twinkle, little star in Spanish! Both the Spanish and English songs are very popular, but the origins of this song are really interesting! It is a little-known fact that the French Version of this song came first! The first version ever written was in 1761 and you can find it in our French Nursery Rhymes book! 


La Araña Pequeñita

La Araña Pequeñita is the Spanish version of itsy bitsy spider! The Spanish version is almost the same as the one in English– except for the”itsy bitsy” part. It’s a finger play song, which we know is super important for a child’s development of motor skills. But the cool thing about the Spanish version, at least for non-spanish speaking children, is that children learn how to associate hand movement with the lyrics or the words, which enhances their learning. Another very cool thing is that you have two words with the letter ñ which doesn’t exist in English so it’s a good way to get them familiar with the Spanish alphabet!


Un Barquito Chiquitito

Un Barquito Chiquitito is a classic! This traditional song is about a poor little boat that couldn’t navigate because he was so little! As children sing this Spanish Nursery Rhyme, they can learn the numbers by counting all the weeks that go by while the tiny little boat learns to navigate. Also, the song teaches them the importance of not giving up when faced with a challenge. This song’s lovely moral tells us that in the end you'll see what can be achieved with dedication and hard work when you really want to learn something!


🎶 Let's sing along to Cali's favorite Spanish Nursery Rhymes! 🎶


  • La Vaca Lola
    La vaca Lola, La Vaca Lola
    tiene cabeza y tiene cola
    y hace muuuu.

    Lola the cow
    Lola, the cow
    Lola, the cow
    has a head and a tail
    and says moooo.
  • Debajo de un Botón
    Bajo de un botón, tón, tón,
    que encontró Martín, tín, tín, 
    había un ratón, tón, tón, 
    ¡Ay, que chiquitín, tín, tín!
    ¡Ay, que chiquitín, tín, tín!

    Under a Button
    Under a button
    that Martin found,
    there was a mouse,
    Oh! Such a tiny tiny mouse.
    Oh! Such a tiny, tiny mouse
  • Cu Cu Cantaba la Rana
    Cu cú, cu cú, cantaba la rana.
    Cu cú, cu cú, debajo del agua.
    Cu cú, cu cú, pasó un caballero.
    Cu cú, cu cú, con capa y sombrero.

    Cuckoo a Frog was singing
    Cuckoo, Cuckoo, the frog was singing.
    Cuckoo, Cuckoo, under the water.
    Cuckoo, Cuckoo, a gentleman passed by.
    Cuckoo, Cuckoo, wearing a cape and a hat.
  • Estrellita
    Estrellita ¿dónde estás?
    quiero verte titilar.
    En el cielo, sobre el mar,
    un diamente de verdad.

    Twinkle, twinkle, little star
    Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
    how I wonder what you are!
    Up above the world so high,
    like a diamond in the sky.
  • La Araña Pequeñita
    La araña pequeñita
    subió, subió, subió.
    Vino la lluvia y se la llevó.
    El sol salió y todo lo secó
    y la araña pequeñita
    subió, subió, subió.

    Itsy Bitsy Spider
    The itsy bitsy Spider climbed up the water spout.
    Down came the rain and washedthe spider out.
    Out came the sun and dried up all the rain,
    and the itsy bitsy spider climbed the spout again.
  • Un Barquito Chiquitito
    Había una vez un barquito chiquitito.
    Había una vez un barquito chiquitito.
    Había una vez un barquito chiquitito
    que no sabía, que no sabía,
    que no sabía navegar.

    The Little Tiny Boat
    Once upon a time, there was a little tiny boat.
    Once upon a time, there was a little tiny boat.
    Once upon a time, there was a little tiny boat
    that just couldn't, that just couldn't,
    that just couldn't navigate.


I hope you enjoy singing these classic nursery rhymes in Spanish as much as we do! Check out our Spanish bundle which includes two more books full of catchy Spanish tunes!

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