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2022 Children’s Books for International Women’s Day

2022 Children’s Books for International Women’s Day

Empowering the next generation through books! Showing girls and boys that with hard work, independent thinking and a big heart, anything is possible!

Three generations of girls and three generations of book readers! Time changes our relationship with books. That’s why I feel it's so important for girls to be represented, heard and empowered by female characters in the books they read and listen to. Whether it's through illustrations, characters or plots, women and girls should be represented in children's fairy tale books as strong independent leaders.


Representing women and girls in fairytales

As a mother, a bookworm, and a strong supporter of female empowerment, I understand the importance of growing up with women role models.

I created Cali’s Books with my children in mind, to nurture their love for reading and provide a source of inspiration.

To this day, I still remember my own mom reading me stories before bedtime. The fairytales were always my favorites!

At Cali’s Books, we know how crucial it is for children to engage with meaningful stories they can learn from. That’s why we aim to do justice to the portrayal of women and girls in classic fairytales.


Happily Ever After, Female Victory

The first things that draws kids in are the adventures, the excitement, and the challenges that the characters go through. Introducing them to classic fairy tales is a great way for them to take in life lessons that have a long-term positive impact.

I’m so proud that our team is mostly made up of talented women who help bring these stories to life. Our goal is to keep the ideas of the original tales and to rewrite female characters by adding or highlighting features that would inspire young minds.

The notion of happily-ever-after has become less popular these days, but I believe that it’s what many kids still dream of. It was from these emotions that I knew these classic stories were a must-read.

There’s something fascinating about them, a charm that never gets old. So it’s important to add little details that matter, to enhance the role of women and girls in ways that are more relatable for my kids.


Women’s day reading book list for kids

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast is one of the most popular fairytales ever and it was written by a woman!

This is the story of a young woman who bravely challenges stereotypes.

Of course, Beauty’s compassion is very inspiring because it teaches us that we always need to look beyond physical appearance and see people for their true kindness.

However, unlike the traditional princess character, she saves herself, her father and the prince.

The Three Little Pigs

In our adaptation of The Three Little Pigs, we decided to change the gender of the oldest pigs to a girl. Many kids are worried about becoming an older sister.

I think it’s a good story to show the benefits of having more knowledge and encourage them to develop new skills.

The oldest pig is the wisest since she’s the only one who uses her time well and plans ahead.

Thanks to this, she saves herself, her brothers, and she’s also the reason why they’re able to defeat the wolf. Because no magic is involved in her hard work, it sends a message that will give girls lots of confidence.


Hansel and Gretel

It comes with no surprise that Gretel is the hero of this story.

Afterall, she’s the one who tricks the wicked witch.

Gretel is naïve at first, but she slowly learns to use her knowledge and intelligence to form an escape plan.

She’s a smart girl who discovers how to be resourceful and can get herself and others out of very sticky situations.



I’m a firm believer that girls can dream of a traditional lifestyle and still grow to become strong and independent women.

Cinderella’s story is one that resonates with so many because despite the magic and glamor, she’s just a girl that struggles to survive and succeed in life. Seeing her thrive after she was treated so unfairly is a great inspiration for young girls.

Her fairy godmother is also a woman to admire. Instead of just magical powers, it is actually the gifts of self-assurance and knowledge that she transmitted to Cinderella.

Both giving her confidence before the ball and scaring her away from the prince once the clock struck midnight.


Introducing Morals and Values to Your Children

The moral lessons behind these books will always be close to my heart. These stories are good examples of how to empower women and girls in fairy tales.

I love classic tales because not only are they an entertaining read for our kids, but they’re also educational and informative. In early childhood, it can be tricky to find ways to illustrate these valuable life-long lessons.

At Cali’s Books, we want to help enrich children's imaginations and carve out images of powerful, resilient, kind, and educated women and girls.

Whether it's never trusting strangers, fighting to survive and achieve your dreams, or always being kind to your family members, our fairy tales are guaranteed to have something to take away!

With our recordable storybooks, you can even create your own endings! Record your own voice for your children to listen to and enjoy whenever you’re far from them.

Get yours here !

Cali ❤️


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