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Free Shipping on $75+
Free Shipping on $75+

Get free music and coloring pages

Find free music and activities for your favorite I Am a Little Teapot Sound Book! Download printable coloring sheets, mp3 songs, videos. You'll also find all the books you love in our bonus content library! To purchase I am a Little Teapot follow this link →

Cali's Books Bundles Nursery Rhymes Bundle

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Need new cable for charging?

USB-C Cable for Sound Books 2024 Edition

USB-C Cable for Sound Books 2024 Edition

Add the cable to your cart and use the code FREE-CABLE at checkout to receive a free cable.


Frequently Asked Questions

Cali's Books are resistant to pressing, drooling, biting and throwing! They are safe for children and great fun to play with!

Yes! Cali's Books have a lifetime warranty and a happiness guarantee, just go to our policies page.

If you have any issues, or just want to contact us to give your feedback you can e-mail us at