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1-3 Years

At this age, children can associate what they are reading with the melody and rhythm of their favorite songs. That’s why our sound books are perfect to support their development. Music is beneficial in brain development in young kids, particularly for sound processing, language development, speech perception and reading skills. They also build motor skills because toddlers interact with them by pressing buttons or turning pages.

How to use:

Nursery rhymes: first, they can teach melody, rhythm and rhyming. They carry in their lyrics glimpses of the past to give children a sense of their heritage. Their words can also teach morals to kids through the focus of their songs. 

Bedtime stories: kids love a good story and I can use the characters to teach them the routines I want them to adopt. Cleaning, brushing their teeth, getting dressed, eating properly… you name it, bedtime stories can help you teach it to your kids!

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Frequently Asked Questions

At this age, many toddlers start to have favorite books that they’ll want to hear again and again, so get ready to read the same book plenty of times!

Picture books and musical books are an exciting way to get your toddler interested in reading. Since they’re always full of bright colors and fun stories, they’re ideal for helping your toddler learn new words.

Toddlers learn well through repetition. Reading the same or similar books allows them to become familiar with the stories, which will help to boost their confidence in reading.

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