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Books for 1-Year-Olds

Cali’s sound books are perfect for early learners! We have a wide range of topics to stimulate a child's curiosity and help them learn while they play. Each book is filled with fun melodies, colorful illustrations and adorable animals and songs that can be played continuously! Singing is one of the best ways to exercise your lungs and keep your voice healthy. Your little one will love watching their lungs inflate as they sing. Singing also improves the ability to pay attention, which is great for kids!

How to use:

Sing Along: By 12 months old, you’ll find that toddlers can sing short phrases, and by 15 months old, they’ll be able to imitate the melodies you sing!

Motor Skills: Point out key images on the pages of the book and tell them what they represent. You can talk about everyday objects such as tables or chairs, or even just colors. This will encourage your babies to speak, develop their vocabulary and build their confidence in communicating with others.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose the right books for my child at age 1?

At 1 year old, children will have developed their full spectrum of vision. This means they can start to engage with the books you’re reading to them. They’re still too young to understand the words on the page, which is why sounds and images will stimulate them.

How to use these books with my child at age 1?

Reading can be done anywhere! But having a reading area with books available and comfy cushions, is a great way to make reading a special experience that you both look forward to.

What are the benefits of sound books for my child’s development?

Get your babies started on their learning journey! Our sound books are interactive, fun and educational. Listening skills to motor skills … It's never too early to get them going.

What if this order is a gift?

You can send a gift box with a card to make it extra special!