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A little girl and a baby are reading a spanish book. Spanish books, bilingual books, children books, kids language, language books for kids.

Top Spanish-English Bilingual Books for Your Little Polyglot

Raising great kids is the goal of any parent. Learning how to take that beautiful bundle of potential that is your baby and giving them the tools and resources they need to take on the world and be the best they can be is the never-ending journey of the parent. With all of the available resources and programs available today, it can be hard to know which is the best way to engage with your kids while teaching them valuable life lessons that will serve them well in the future.

Though it may be a surprise to some, bilingual books and learning a second language as a young child have long-lasting and significant benefits. Your kids can learn a new language, become bilingual, and experience a diversity of cultures all at the same time!

Spanish is the perfect place to begin your journey to bilingual fun! Spanish learning books for toddlers and Spanish books for babies are readily available, fun, and easy to read, giving you and your babies the building blocks necessary to enjoy the benefits of bilingual life.

Top Picks for Spanish-English Bilingual Books

Close up of a toddler holding a spanish book. Spanish books, bilingual books, children books, kids language, language books for kids.

Because we feel passionate about how much a bilingual life will help you and your kids, we have assembled a hand-picked list of the best, most fun and exciting Spanish children’s books for beginners. These books will entertain and educate both you and your little ones while helping you grasp the basics of learning a new language. How fun is that?

Cali's Books Spanish Nursery Rhymes

For a series of amazing Spanish books for toddlers, look no further than Cali’s Books. There you can get a Spanish nursery rhyme bundle, complete with some of the most engaging and exciting Spanish nursery rhyme books you can find. When you are on the hunt for the best Spanish books for toddlers, make sure to grab Spanish nursery rhyme books and sound books that will get your kids hooked on the fun of learning a brand-new language, like these from Cali’s Books.

Spanish Nursery Rhymes - Las Ruedas del Autobús

The best and most beloved nursery rhyme favorites, all in one place… and in Spanish! “La Ruedas del Autobus” is the most classic nursery rhyme of all, “The Wheels on the Bus”, beautifully delivered in its Spanish form. It is accompanied by 5 other nursery rhymes, both in Spanish and English, urging listeners to make connections between the two different versions.

Spanish Nursery Rhymes - La Vaca Lola

For a classical Spanish nursery rhyme, you cannot get much better than the beloved “La Voca Lola”. A favorite of children and adults alike, this nursery rhyme, along with the other 5 classic Spanish Nursery rhymes, makes this a must-have in your library of Spanish book for kids.

Featuring other great songs like “La Vaca Lola, Debajo de un Botón, Estrellita, Cucu Cantaba La Rana, La Arana Pequeñita and Barco Chiquitito”, this book gives your curious little one’s access to new songs at the push of a button.

Cali's Spanish Nursery Rhymes

A sound book designed especially for the musically inclined, this beautifully assembled book plays popular songs like “Pin Pon” and “A Mi Burro”, engaging with kids on both a musical and textile level. Some little ones, those with a gift or interest in music, may be particularly fond of this nursery rhyme book.

And while all these books are a fantastic experience individually, they are even better as a group! Thankfully, Cali’s Books offers bundle pricing when you combine all the Spanish Nursery Rhyme into one collection.

There are many other amazing Spanish books for toddlers, available for parents and kids who are learning how to speak Spanish together. From fingerboards to picture dictionaries and stories of self-esteem and going to bed, you can find the right type of book and the perfect story on your bilingual quest. What are some other amazing Spanish books for babies and Spanish books for kids?

Mami y Yo - Mommy and Me Finger Puppet Board Book, Spanish Edition

This finger puppet board and story is a great way to keep your little bundle of joy engaged and excited as they learn new words and sounds. Incredibly interactive, this book encourages them to move the finger puppet trunk with their fingers or play with it as they move it around, creating an extra element of play as you read the story. Perfect for babies and young kids who love puppets! The story takes you through a busy day in the jungle, highlighting the fun and adventure throughout.

Babies Love Colores / Babies Love Colors (Spanish Edition)

Color plays such an important part in everyday life that learning about what they are and how to spot them should begin as early as possible. That is why “Babies Love Colores” is the perfect Spanish book for babies. How do you make a book perfect for babies? Beautiful, bright, and colorful illustrations, printed on a sturdy and durable board book that can handle the wear and tear a bilingual baby will inevitably dish out. With 6 well-crafted boards, this book has the colors and the basic concepts that will help kids learn the fundamentals of colors.

Spanish-English Picture Dictionary, by Catherine Bruzzone & Louise Milla

Learning to associate words with their meanings can be an arduous task… unless you have the Spanish-English dictionary, illustrated by Catherine Bruzzone and Louise Milla! This book gives your kids the tools to see the words they are learning. A simple concept, genius in its straightforwardness, shows the words written in English and Spanish, accompanied by an illustration of that very word. Kids get the visual stimulation that is so important for memory and learning, alongside the familiar term and the new Spanish term. Of all the Spanish children’s books for beginners, this may be the most powerful for helping kids grasp and retain simple words they use in their everyday lives.

My First English-Español Learning Library

Did you want a robust series of books that teaches your kids about the Alphabet (both Spanish and English), numbers, wild animals, shapes, farm animals, pets, birds, and more? Look no further than My First English-Espanol Learning Library. They have collected a ton of new and exciting material for your bilingual babies and put them into some of the most durable board books you can buy. Using intriguing illustrations and color, these books bring to life these concepts and ideas, helping your kids understand them.

Bilingual Fairy Tales in Spanish and English, by Charles Perrault

Fairy tales, with their magic and mystery, are a staple in almost every culture around the world. This collection of fairy tales, written in both Spanish and English, combines classics such as Tom Thumb and Cinderella with lesser-known fairy tales, giving readers a chance to hear old favorites with newer, fresher tales. Presented in both languages (with the option to hear both stories read aloud), this book gives soon-to-be-bilingual kids another great resource to learn new words and phrases.

Counting With -Contando Con Frida, by Patty Rodriguez & Ariana Stein

Art, culture, and numbers. Who could ask for more? In Counting with Contando Con Frida, kids are educated about the basics of counting while being introduced to one of the most iconic Mexican painters in history: Frida Kahlo. With stunning illustrations, this book showcases the work of Frida Kahlo, showing kids the beauty of that exquisite art. On top of that, they also learn how to count! Starting from 1 and ending at 10, in both English and Spanish, this book helps kids grasp the basics of counting AND teaches them to appreciate art. Amazing!

Indestructibles: Bebé, vamos a comer! – Baby, Let’s Eat!

Baby, let’s eat! It’s amazing how small kids will go after the book as a snack and will do everything with food but eat it! This book, in all its indestructible wonder, joyfully asks questions like, “What’s a green vegetable that looks like a tree?”, prompting babies to look and listen. It helps that it is completely waterproof, chewproof, and can withstand drool until the end of time, making it a great choice for your baby.

¡Me gusta cómo soy! / I Like Myself!

Loving yourself is as important as having those who love you around! This Spanish book for kids explores the concepts of self-esteem and self-love in simple terms, helping kids to understand that they are awesome, and they deserve love. Boosting confidence with a great message and engaging their eyes with wonderful illustrations, this book is a must-have for kids learning to speak Spanish.

Buenas noches, perrito bueno – Goodnight, Good Dog

Learning books can have other uses as well. This wonderfully calming book, Goodnight, Good Dog, relates to kids through a puppy that does not want to go to sleep. He is restless and excited but as the book continues, he gets sleepy and the pages slow down, resulting in a tired sleepy dog and hopefully, a tired and sleepy child. This routine can help to calm your kids but also can help them retain more of their Spanish, meaning everybody wins. 

Effective Reading Strategies for Bilingual Learning

Close up of an open bilingual spanish book for kids. Spanish books, bilingual books, children books, kids language, language books for kids.

Be Close

Who needs another reason to be close to their babies? Not that you needed one but here is another reason why you should stay close and snuggle with your babies, especially while they are learning how to read. Learning to read as a child is more than learning a new skill. The entire process, from start to finish, helps kids map out how they will learn in the future while simultaneously making memories that will stay with them as they age, tying their emotions to the learning process itself. Be close when you are reading. You and your kids will cherish these memories!

 Act out the Story

Spanish learning books for toddlers don’t have to be dry and boring. Act out the stories and concepts you are learning about and turn reading time into action time. This will make your kids excited about learning and they will come to anticipate fun with reading.

Make it a Habit

Learning is a process and for that process to take hold, it needs to grow some roots. The best way to help your kids retain what they are learning is by doing it regularly and if possible, at the same time. These reading habits can become a staple in their lives and will serve them well in the near future, but also in the later years of their lives.

Repeat and Expand

Repetition is the key to success in learning.
Repetition is the key to success in learning.

Repetition is the… you get the point! Learning a new language is hard and that is why your little ones need all the help they can get. Repeat words, especially after you switch over to the non-dominant language. Go slowly and repeat again. Doing this helps reinforce what you know and add to what you are learning.

Make it Interactive

You shouldn’t learn in silence or solitude, and neither should your kids. Interact with them, play with them, and make learning a blast. Ask great questions and wait to hear all their great answers. As they explain to you what they have learned, ask more questions to drive those points home and help them get a firm grasp on their new knowledge. 

Spanish Books for Kids: An Adventure for the Whole Family

Being bilingual benefits every part of your life. You have better job opportunities, you get to experience more culture and diversity, you have better problem-solving skills and grow your self-esteem, among many other amazing rewards. By starting early, you and your kids will make great memories and enjoy more time together while building these valuable skills.

Through the books that we have laid out here, coupled with a desire to grow and learn, your days of being unilingual are numbered. Enjoy the process, laugh, and learn!

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