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How Sound Books help your child develop, learn, and thrive

How Sound Books help your child develop, learn, and thrive

Cali’s sound books are fun, interactive, and helpful in the learning process of your children. Explore and discover all of our different sensory activities!

At Cali’s books, we believe that if you are going to do something, make sure to do it to the best of your abilities. I teach my kids that motto every day and I am practicing what I preach. Our books are built to be beautiful, engaging and educational and are some of the best books for toddlers available.


Why do kids love sound books?

Do you remember the lullabies you sang as a kid? I do!

Some of my earliest memories are tied to the memorable melodies of my youth. From traditional songs to the nursery rhymes books we sang to, music is tied to my first memories. These types of activities create powerful memories and build strong bonds as a family.

That’s why I love using sound books! The kids love it, we all have fun and I know that we are building bonds that will last a lifetime.

When kids associate good memories with activities, they are more likely to want to continue pursuing those. Music is also beneficial in brain development in young kids, particularly in the parts of the brain in charge of sound processing, language development, speech perception and reading skills.

To maximize this, we make sure that Cali’s Books have great writing, high-quality music and meaningful illustrations!

Sound books as a sensory experience

The joy I see in my children’s eyes when they get to play with one of Cali’s sound books is beautiful to see. The combination of music, illustration and buttons are a blast for them and, more importantly for me, they are helping grow and develop their brains.

Baby musical toys are known to help with brain development and the best books for toddlers continue to stimulate brain growth while engaging the kids in fun activities.Whether you have a nursery rhymes book filled with traditional songs or a sound book about colors, multi-sensory learning is great for toddlers.

When engaging multiple senses, children learn to associate letters and words with sounds faster, giving them a head start when it comes to learning how to speak and read.

The idea is that “whole brain learning” is a better way to learn skills. Adding illustrations and music to text has also helped pupils build stronger literary skills.

What are their educational benefits?


Nursery Rhymes

Just like how my child can be a superhero, then a tiger, then a spaceship and then a tired kid, nursery rhymes “wear more than one hat”, as it is said. They can teach melody, rhythm and rhyming. They can also carry in their lyrics glimpses into the past to give children a sense of their heritage. Their words can also teach morals to kids through the focus of their songs.

Bedtime Stories

Bedtime stories are my secret weapon. The kids love a good story and I can use the characters to teach them the routines I want them to adopt. Cleaning, brushing their teeth, getting dressed, eating properly… you name it, bedtime stories can help you teach it to your kids!

Bilingual and Cultural Nursery Rhymes

The beauty of living in a multicultural and free country is that you get to live and interact with all sorts of different people and cultures. By having bilingual and cultural nursery rhymes books at home, I introduce my kids to the languages, heritage and traditional songs of our neighbors.

Educational Books

The job of teaching is a never-ending and ongoing process in our home. Colors, numbers, reading, writing, emotions, vocabulary, letters… we are learning it all. Educational books are some of the best books for toddlers. In the same way that baby musical toys help babies elevate to the next plateau in their learning, so do educational books for toddlers.

Seasonal Books

As the season’s change, so do our books and our songs. We learn about the world, our community and how our impacts socially and environmentally are affected by the seasons. As we sing and dance to traditional songs, special connections are being made in my kid’s developing minds. The use of rhythm and movement can improve learning, making our singing and dancing even more valuable. For example, children who wiggle, tap or march to a beat have improved self-regulation skills, along with higher levels of school-readiness.

 Activities and Sports

Is there anything better than finding a book that encourages kids to burn off that seemingly endless fountain of raw energy that is within them? Some of the best books for toddlers at Cali’s books are centered around activities and sports. Playing ball, dancing and doing yoga are only some of the activities we learn from our books.


My top 4 picks

Musical Exploration

Looking to broaden your children’s musical horizons?

How about introducing them to the world of Reggae? We have put together a wonderful collection of 6 Bob Marley hits to be “Jammin” to with your little ones.

After you have enjoyed the relaxing and soothing sounds of Reggae Nursery Rhymes, turn up the tempo with Rock Nursery Rhymes. 

Once you and your kids have had your fill of Rock, you can wind down with some Brazilian Nursery Rhymes. Baby musical toys can be fun and exciting for the parents too!



Do you sing your nursery rhymes to your children in Spanish?

Well, now your nursery rhymes books can too! Find traditional songs in Spanish to sing with your children with Cali Books Spanish Nursery Rhymes book.

You can even go one step further and introduce your kids to a new language with English translations of your favorite Spanish nursery rhymes.

With our three different books bundle, there are plenty of spanish nursery rhymes to sing along to!



Learning the foundational building blocks of language is a crucial task to grow into a healthy and functioning adult… might as well make it enjoyable!

Cali’s Books ABC’s are a fun and exciting way to learn your letters and to begin understanding how to read.

These fun and easy songs are so fun that the dinosaurs have come back to enjoy learning them with you and your kids.

Dinosaur Alphabet engages all the senses with great illustrations and fun and exciting songs.


The best baby musical toys and the best books for toddlers are the types of books that introduce them to new topics and keep them engaged. What better way to do this than with Yoga

How can you keep your kids intrigued and interested in learning about yoga? 

• Fun Music
• Great Illustrations
• Simple Instructions

We have everything you need for early learning! Watching your kids develop and grow is a privilege and an honor. Give your kids the best opportunities to grow and succeed with Cali’s Books

Well there you have it! These are some of the many reasons I got myself caught up in the creation, production and selling of sound books for babies, toddlers and kids of all ages! I hope you enjoy them as much as we do! See you soon!

Cali ❤️


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