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Mother's Day is May 12 | Bundle up & save →
Purim, sound books and Jewish traditional songs

Purim, sound books and Jewish traditional songs

What are the best Jewish nursery rhymes books for kids? Reading books about traditional holidays is a great way for children to learn about these events. Find new ways to include your kids in this special time!

This week we celebrated Purim. This holiday always brings us so much joy. The parades, the costumes, the signing and the laughing all make it one of our favorite times of the year. Some of my most cherished memories are of the moments we spent together celebrating traditional holidays. I strive to make my kid’s memories as cherished as mine.

    • Purim: A tradition for all ages 
    • Celebrating Purim as a Family and a Community 
    • Jewish Traditional Songs you will find in our nursery rhymes book 

Purim: A Tradition for All Ages

At Cali’s books, we love celebrating Purim! Kids love it too as we get to enjoy many fun activities and sing lovely Jewish traditional songs as a family. Because we wanted to create something special for this celebration, I decided to make a Jewish nursery rhymes book. Our sound book is interactive, educational and exciting for kids, all while remaining true to the spirit of this celebration.  


Celebrating Purim as a Family and a Community

Purim is one of the most joyous times in all of Judaism. As we celebrate this holiday, there are many activities to do and events to attend as a community. We join together at the synagogue for an evening of fun and noise-making! The kids love this time of togetherness and comradery. 

Carnivals are also one of the kids’ most beloved Purim activities. Everyone dresses in colorful outfits, we dance, we sing, and we encourage everyone to be part of the excitement. 

Of course, we had to make sure to have a Jewish sound book for you to enjoy!

We thought about using sound books to bring Purim to life with Jewish traditional songs and bright and exciting illustrations. What better way to educate your kids on the celebration of Purim than to make it fun for them!


Jewish Traditional Songs you will find in our nursery rhymes book

The traditional songs included in our book are very important to the community and celebrate Jewish heritage and history.

Apples & Honey 

At Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year), we sing the song Apples and Honey to commemorate the relationship between the people of Israel and the Eternal. The tale is told of the apple tree that stood out among the other trees, drawing the people closer to it. This is a perfect example of how we could see the Eternal was different, were drawn to the Eternal and how it gave us life. The honey represents that even when things in life get tough, you can always add sweetness to the apple, making the journey easier.


For Passover, we sing Dayenu. To sing from the bottom of your heart in appreciation for everything you have been given is one of the best experiences one could hope to have and we are honored to teach our kids this song. A song of gratitude and appreciation, it is meant to convey thanks for all of the gifts that are bestowed upon us and that, even if there was only one gift, it would be enough. What a beautiful sentiment to have and what a wonderful song to sing at Purim.

Hine Mah Tov

A wonderful song about togetherness and family, we put Hine Mah Tov in our Purim books because we wanted children to appreciate and sing about the beauty of being together. Traditionally sung on Shabbat, it is a great song to sing at Purim and is one of my kid’s favorite Jewish traditional songs.

 Shalosh Pinot 

 Sometimes the best songs can come from the simplest of inspirations. The song, Shalosh Pinot, traditionally sung at Purim, is inspired by the three-cornered hat of Haman. We put this song in our Purim books because of its simplicity and how fun it is to sing with our kids!


The Israeli National Anthem is a source of pride and joy for all Israelis. As far as Jewish traditional songs go, it is one of the most admired and commonly sung. The Purim songbooks we created at Cali’s Books wouldn’t be complete without Hatikvah in its pages.

 Happy Purim to All!

Purim is a time for merriment, joy and celebration. Being together with family, enjoying each other’s company and being grateful for all of your blessings is one of the greatest gifts in life. Kids can also enjoy a special time with grandparents and sing traditional songs!


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