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A Mom is looking at her daughter who's drawing. Mother's Day, gifts ideas, kids activities.

9 Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Kids to Make

Are you looking for the best gift for Mother's Day? We have the perfect activity to inspire your kids to be creative as they make a thoughtful and practical gift for Mom.

What is the best part about celebrating holidays with kids? For me it’s when I can see them living fully in the moment, without worrying about anything other than enjoying themselves.

On top of that, the personalized gifts that fill early childhood are beautiful keepsakes that we can look back on for years to come.

This article will introduce you to some of our favorite personalized Mother's Day treats and ideas. Remember: Mother's Day gift ideas for grandma are always appreciated, too!

Celebrating Holidays with Kids

The joy of celebrating any holiday with kids can be one of the most heart-warming and cherished experiences in a family's life. The laughter, excitement, and togetherness that these special occasions bring are the epitome of love and happiness.

As we all know, gifts play an important role during these celebrations. Interestingly, the best gifts for moms are often those made by their own children, no matter how simple or imperfect they may be. These unique and heartfelt presents symbolize strong family bonding and foster more quality time spent together.

When Kids Can Start Creating Gifts

A girl is drawing on coloring pages. Mother's Day, gifts ideas, kids activities.

Kids can start creating gifts for their moms as early as preschool, around 3 to 4 years old. Their fine motor skills are developing at this stage. They can do simple arts and crafts activities, like coloring or gluing.

As children grow older and their skills advance, they can take on more complex projects, eventually creating even more unique and meaningful gifts for their mothers.

Your child can still create a personalized gift for you, even if they're younger than 3 years old. They may just need an adult helper to guide a paintbrush or ensure the glue goes on the card instead of into their mouths.

What is a Perfect Mother's Day Gift?

As a mother, seeing my little ones celebrate any holiday is a gift in and of itself. But of course, Mother's Day takes the cake when it comes to special holidays. My kids have given me some of my most prized gifts on Mother's Day. It’s hard to beat the joy of getting a present from your children that is truly an expression of their love. 

Whether made from paper, glue, backyard rubbish, or anything else your kids can get their hands on, you know that it was crafted with love and to communicate that love.

9 Perfect Personalized Gifts

Two toddlers are drawing on coloring pages. Mother's Day, gifts ideas, kids activities.

Here are 9 personalized Mother's Day gift ideas for mom (and grandma, too)!

A little tip from us: you can even gather a few of these and create Mother's Day gift baskets. If you're running out of time, you can fill the basket with goodies (for example, indulgent chocolates) with more personalized items for sentimentality and happy tears.

1) Handmade Card with a Personalized Message or Drawing

 A handmade card is a simple yet heartfelt way for kids to express their love for their mom. It can feature a personalized message or a creative drawing, showcasing the child's artistic talents and thoughts.

2) Garden-Picked or Crafted Flower Bouquet

 A flower bouquet, either picked from the garden or made from craft materials like tissue paper, adds a touch of beauty and nature to Mom's special day. This thoughtful gesture can brighten her spirits and symbolize the love and appreciation she deserves.

3) Decorated Picture Frame with a Special Photo

picture frame decorated by the kids adds a personal touch to a cherished family or child's photo. This sentimental gift is a constant reminder of the love and memories shared within the family.

4) Handmade Coupon Book for Chores or Special Activities

 A handmade coupon book filled with promises for chores or special activities, such as "one free hug" or "I will clean my room without complaining," shows Mom that her kids are willing to help and contribute to the family. These thoughtful gestures make her feel loved and appreciated.

5) Painted or Decorated Flower Pot with a Planted Flower or Herb

 A flower pot, painted or decorated by the kids and containing a planted flower or herb, adds a touch of life and color to Mom's space. This thoughtful, eco-friendly gift demonstrates the children's creativity and understanding of Mom's interests.

6) Homemade Bookmark with a Special Message or Poem

 A homemade bookmark adorned with a special message (or even a poem) is a practical and thoughtful gift for a mom who loves to read. It is a reminder of her children's love and appreciation every time she opens a book.

7) Handmade Candle or Scented Soap

 A handmade candle or scented soap is a perfect gift for moms who enjoy relaxation and self-care. These personalized items, crafted with love, can provide her with a soothing and fragrant experience while reminding her of her children's thoughtfulness.

8) A Personalized Coffee Mug or Water Bottle with a Hand-Drawn Design or Message

 Is mom big on coffee? Then a personalized coffee mug or water bottle is a practical and heartfelt gift for moms who enjoy their daily beverages.

Created by their children, this unique item adds a personal touch to her daily routine. It serves as a steady reminder of their love and appreciation. Kids can use permanent markers or special paints designed for ceramics or glass to ensure their artwork stays intact through regular use.

9) Photo Collage or Scrapbook Featuring Special Memories

 A photo collage or scrapbook is a beautiful way to preserve and showcase special memories and moments shared with mom or the entire family. This thoughtful gift allows children to express their creativity by selecting photos, arranging layouts, and adding embellishments like stickers, ribbons, or handwritten notes.

A well-crafted scrapbook or photo collage not only takes the recipient on a trip down memory lane but also serves as a keepsake that can be cherished for years to come. It demonstrates children's love and appreciation for their mothers and their time spent together.

What other gifts idea do we have for Mother’s Day?

At the front of the picture there's a mother's day book and at the back is a Mom cooking with her toddler. Mother's Day, gifts ideas, kids activities.

We all know our children love us every day. Our new sound book called 'Mommy I Love You' combines the charm of a rhyming collection to enjoy with your toddler with personalized pages for them to let their artistic expression shine.

With its charming and colorful illustrations, this meaningful book will fill family time and be the perfect Mother's Day memory to preserve when your kids are off to conquer the world.

Final words

Writing this article has gotten me very excited for Mother's Day. I can't wait for my family to bond over crafts and food on the day itself. As usual, my kids and I will be reading together to relax after a busy day.

Here at Cali's Books, we're all about celebrating holidays with kids and cherishing heartwarming bonding moments filled with laughter, excitement, and togetherness. We hope that some of the handmade, personalized gifts we mentioned not only showcase your children's creativity but also serve as constant reminders of their love and appreciation, making these cherished moments even more special for moms and kids.

Are you on a roll reading articles and gathering ideas? Why not give understanding the most encouraged parenting style in America a go?

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