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A mom is laughing while holding her little girl in her arms. Musical activities, kids songs, mothers day, mothers day gifts.

Sing to Celebrate Mom: Teaching Toddlers the Joy of Music

Singing is such an essential part of the developmental journey of small kiddos. It's the best tool for forging emotional connections and furthering cognitive growth.

As Mother's Day approaches, it's the perfect time to celebrate the unique bond between mothers and their children through singing. Whether it's a favorite soundbook or a spontaneous kitchen duet, these moments are extraordinary. We noticed that there don't seem to be many Mother's Day songs, so we created a whole book of nursery rhymes to celebrate this type of love.

Go on, do some Do-Re-Mi warm-ups, or get ready to lip sync for your life while you enjoy your toddler's sweet babble singing.

(Pssst, if your child is closer to baby than toddler, you might have better luck with our Songs for Babies! We're proud to have something for every music lover.)

The Magic of Music in Early Development

Two kids are laughing and sitting next to a musical book. Musical activities, kids songs, mothers day, mothers day gifts.

Were you one of those parents who enjoyed playing music and singing to their tummies? I certainly was! Music is a constant companion in a toddler's emotional and cognitive development, playing a significant role in language acquisition. Just observe how music helps them learn new words and phrases in an instant. This was one of the driving factors behind the creation of Cali's Books!

While your kiddo bops and sings along, the rhythmic patterns and melodic structures of songs light up different areas of the brain. Creativity and and cognition are incoming in the most playful way!

Five main areas music helps early development are:

  • Emotional Development: music encourages the self-expression of children all the way from ages 0 to 18. It helps them develop their own sense of self and move their body to get out new emotions.
  • Cognitive Development: Brain structures are incredible, and with the help of music, we can develop everything from auditory memory to selective attention!
  • Language Acquisition: getting your kiddo involved with music from a young age increases language acquisition and processing.
  • Social Interaction: When your child and you sing together, you are part of a long tradition of using music to increase social interactions and communication.
  • Creativity and Imagination: kids' natural curiosity makes them test the boundaries of what music and movement can give them.

Choosing the Right Songs for Toddler

Close up of child holding a illustrated musical book. Musical activities, kids songs, mothers day, mothers day gifts.

When you're figuring out great songs for toddlers, you want to prioritize age-appropriateness and simplicity over mainstream hits. Don't worry; they'll be singing along to your favorite hits in the car all on their own, but maybe Taylor Swift can wait a little while. Toddler-friendly tunes with catchy melodies and repetitive lyrics are perfect for capturing their budding attention spans and will encourage them to participate.

Here at Cali's Books, we understand that toddlers have specific needs when it comes to songs. That's why we curate songs that resonate with young hearts and minds. Our "Mommy, I Love You" book comes with:

  •   15 seconds of music on each page
  •   Songs include Good Morning Mommy, Singing Songs, Mother's Day, A Gift for You, Quality Time, and Goodnight Little One
  •   Easy-to-press buttons
  •   Sturdy pages for little hands
  •   Montessori-style design

"Mommy, I Love You" - A Closer Look

A toddler is reading a picture book. Musical activities, kids songs, mothers day, mothers day gifts.

Now that you've had a little introduction to this firm favorite book, shall we take a closer look at the songs about moms in the book? These melodies are all about celebrating the bond between mother and child. Each song celebrates the moments shared between the two of you. Everything from the cheery "Good Morning Mommy" to the soothing "Goodnight Little One." Let's explore these charming songs:

  • Good Morning Mommy: A cheerful tune to kickstart the day with joy. You may be waking up to this one from now on.
  • Singing Songs: Engaging melodies accompanied by actions, fostering interaction and fun.
  • Mother's Day: See, we told you there weren't enough special songs for Mother's Day. This is a heartfelt tribute to mom on her special day, expressing gratitude and love.
  • A Gift for You: Conveying affection through the simple language of music. As parents, we know our children are the greatest gift in the whole world.
  • Quality Time: A song that celebrates the bond formed through shared experiences and moments. Quality time is the second greatest gift, no matter your love language.
  • Goodnight Little One: A gentle lullaby to conclude the day with peace and calm. I recently heard my little one sing this to herself as she drifted off.

Are you after a gift for a special mom in your life? Our Mother's Day gift bundle has all the mommy songs she'll need to make her day a joy. Additionally, you should read on to learn how the gifting experience can be made even sweeter.

How to Enhance Their Singing Experience

If your toddler is gifting one of our sound books, there are a few ways that you can make the singing and gifting experience even more special. Our interactive 'Mommy, I Love You' book is designed to be a part of your singing experience, with buttons to press and songs to sing along to. Whether you're a co-parent or another mom friend, taking some time with the kiddo to create special memories for Mother's Day is A* behavior.

For example, you could use the book's last two pages (or the endpapers) to personalize the book. Get out the crayons and colored pencils. With some adult supervision, you could even add in hand and footprints. Remember to label them with the year; they'll be cherished memories and keepsakes.

You could also write mom's name into the book and draw things mommy likes all around it. You might have to squint a little, but that is a tiger and some tulips your little one drew. Labelling optional!

Alternatively (or additionally!), your little one might want to create a mini-performance full of mother songs. This can be as elaborate as your child's attention span allows. Costume changes are not required but greatly encouraged!

Benefits of Singing to Mom

A mom is laughing and singing with her little girl. Musical activities, kids songs, mothers day, mothers day gifts.

Yes, I'll admit it; having my little one singing to me brings me enormous joy. There's nothing quite like hearing a sung, 'I love you, mommy!' especially when it's a little off-key from joy. But beyond the joy, singing with our children cultivates emotional benefits for both mother and child. Through these shared moments of expressing ourselves musically, our bond deepens and fosters a real sense of security, love, and understanding.

Some more benefits of singing for mothers and children are:

  • Making Memories: These bonding moments and togetherness create core memories that will last a lifetime for both of you. Just like I still have memories of singing in the car with my mom, your child will cherish these moments of musical connection with you. It's these memories that will bring a smile to their face when they're all grown up.
  • Stronger Bond: Ultimately, we all want well-adjusted kiddos, and singing with one's mom strengthens that bond between parent and child.
  • Emotional Expression: when your child sings to you, they can express their love, affection, and all their other big feelings to their mothers in a way that goes beyond words. Sometimes, vocabulary is still a little sparse, but a delighted "Mommy, I Love You" song helps.


We hope we've given you some ideas on celebrating mom through song this Mother's Day. I have to go and prepare for a kitchen duet with my eldest now. There might be a feather boa and a wooden spoon as a mic involved! One thing that will always be part of my parenting is music. 

At Cali's Books, we understand the importance of selecting age-appropriate songs that resonate with your little ones. Our "Mommy, I Love You" sound book encapsulates the joy of celebrating the bond between mother and child through tunes like "Good Morning Mommy."

I invite you to go and explore our collection of sing-along sound books for yourself. Let's celebrate the magic of music every day!
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