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Working from Home with Kids

Working from home: two moms, two ways

Starting last month, we all had the difficult task of adjusting to the new normal, and for some of us, that new normal is working from home, and for others, it is working from home while the kids are at home.

In many parts of the world, schools are closed, and now, we parents must juggle working, feeding, entertaining, and educating (sometimes all of it simultaneously) It’s a challenge.

Because we know how important is to keep our toddlers engaged, our Rockstar illustrator, Clara, made some fun coloring illustrations for our little ones! Click here to access them.

There are many ways to be efficient while keeping yourself sane, however, we have to think of this as a type of craft or skill- we get better by practicing every day. Don’t expect to have everything figured out right away. Especially when the kids come into play. We could have everything perfectly scheduled and organized, and suddenly our day takes a 180 turn. Give yourself a pat on the back for every task completed, every meal finished, and even every day that you and your family survive. This is a pandemic after all!

The Cali’s Books team has two #bossmoms who have perfected the skill of working from home while the toddlers are demanding food, play, and attention. These are, of course, Carinne, aka Cali- our founder. She has two curly-haired toddlers (4 and 3 years old) that love to pick sibling fights just when meetings are about to start. And there is Erika, our social media director who has a 3-year old boy who has all the energy in the world!

Cali's Books how to work from home

Two very different ways that get the job done without compromising their sanity, family and leisure time

Cali’s way of working from home:

The only way for me to work is to have an incredibly structured schedule. It sounds boring, but everything is scheduled minute by minute. I am also super lucky to have a husband who helps a lot. His tasks are bath, teeth, books and dodo. However, most of the work I do is when they sleep. I sometimes regret it because I love sleeping, but I like to think of Cali’s Books as my third baby, and this is the only time where I can dedicate time to this baby”.

Tips from Cali:

  • Wake up and go to bed at the same time every day: This will create a sense of normalcy and a routine. Many of us are creatures of habit. Right now, our daily habits suddenly changed, and this may make us feel lost and powerless. Set some new habits and adapt.
  • Schedule work time, playtime and breaks: Schedule it all! This will ensure you have things to look forward to and will help your productivity. When you know you have a scheduled break at 1 p.m., chances are you will be more effective and less distracted by your toddlers or your phone while you work because you’ll know there will be time for everything.
  • Set tasks for yourself and for those around you: if you have an older child, ask them to help you with different simple tasks and reward them for it. It will cultivate responsibility and agency. If you have a supportive partner that is also at home, ask them in which way you can support one another and go from there.

Erika’s way of working from home:

“My most productive hours are in the morning. I usually wake up 2 hours before my son does so I can focus and work without interruptions. The other work hours I scheduled them throughout the day depending on the day.

I found out that playing with water (let’s be honest- what kid doesn’t like playing with water?) is the perfect activity for my son! I set up a bin with a little bit of water, bath bubbles, and his favorite toys for a complete sensory experience that keeps him entertained for a full hour! While keeping an eye on him, I use that time of the day to work on easy things like responding to emails.”

Tips from Erika:

  • Find a time that works for you: For Cali, it’s at night after the kids go to sleep, for me is before my son wakes up (there’s definitely a pattern here 😜)
  • Change into regular clothes: this will create boundaries about when it’s work time and rest time. It also helps with feeling normal amidst all the chaos happening in the world.
  • When it’s time to cook, meal prep for two or three days: that way, you won’t spend much time scratching your head thinking on what to cook. Remember, every second count when you have a toddler!
  • Create a schedule for you, but don’t forget about creating a schedule for your toddlers as well: keep them busy, entertained and engaged, that way they will be less likely to feel bored and demand attention every 10 minutes.

Don’t forget that you can access fun and free Cali’s Books illustrations right here.

We hope you enjoy and found value in this blog post! Share with us in the comment section here or via our Instagram @Calisbooks your tips about working from home, parenthood, activities for the kiddos, and really anything!

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