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5 Tips for Starting a Small Business

Like many entrepreneurs, I entered my industry because I saw a gap in the market: no interactive musical baby books. I also had a personal love of books and reading, which attracted me to the idea of working in this area that I’m passionate about. I’ve loved books since childhood and wanted to transmit this enthusiasm to my own children. Creating musical board books with embedded sound buttons for babies and children to push to hear songs and musical tunes was the best way to translate this love to my own babies. I wanted to offer the same joy to other children.

Childens Sound Books

What I hadn’t anticipated was the fact that my business crosses into a number of different industries. Bookselling, music, children’s toys, and children’s retail – each of these plays a part in my business. So what I love about my industry is the variety of people I have met and the learning opportunities it exposes me to. I learn something new every day and that keeps me motivated.

So, whether you are thinking of starting a business or you’ve already started building the business of your dreams, I would like to offer you 5 tips that helped me in my experience starting a business that I hope will make your path to entrepreneurship a little bit smoother:

1. Find a unique name:

Yes, this might sound a little obvious, but if you have already figured out what your business is going to offer, what your target audience will be, and what will make you stand out and be different from the competition – I should pause here and tell you that no matter how many people/businesses are offering the same product or idea as you, there is always, always something unique in each business that gives it a special place on the market (remove space and I am not talking about price here) – So, getting back to the name… This is crucial. From branding and finding a catchy name to SEO. When people search for you, make it easy for them to find you. You won’t want your name appearing next to other brands with similar names every time people look for you on any digital platform.

2. Talk about your project with everyone, people are willing to help:

Don’t be afraid to talk about your ideas and what you are planning. You might be pleasantly surprised at how many people may be interested in your idea and offer good advice or recommendations. This advice can be so helpful when you are just starting and still have a lot to learn. And please, don’t worry about people who dismiss your ideas or put you down. I have found many on this road of building a business but I can assure you, that they are just a fraction compared to the wonderful and helpful people that I have encountered and have given me a hand along the way.

3. Find a place to work:

Even if it’s in the basement or garage in your house, find a space to allow yourself the freedom to focus on building your business. (I created my most loving, inspirational, and peaceful workspace in my garage. Let me know in the comments if you’d like to hear more about my first workspace or here about tips for creating one!)

4. Make time to work on your project:

I know your project may be just a side hustle for now, but it is so important that you make a schedule to work on it. No matter how many hours/minutes a day/week you are able to set aside, commit to it. With no interruptions, no procrastination, just set a date and time and work with focus and determination. (Don’t forget to celebrate the tasks and progress you have accomplished along the way!)

5. Don't worry about failure:

Are you afraid of failing? There is no such thing as failure. There are experiences and knowledge that lead to growth. Remember this. Don’t be too hard on yourself, be compassionate, and give yourself all the credit you deserve. Did you read the last phrase on the previous point? Ok, I will write it one more time: Don’t forget to celebrate the tasks and progress you have accomplished along the way! Celebrate even the smallest progress. It will keep you motivated!

cali's books

I sincerely hope these tips and bits of advice will be helpful to you. Please take whatever suits you right now and apply it accordingly. ;)

Please leave a comment below if you like this post or if you have any other advice to share. Don’t forget to share it with anyone else you think may benefit from these tips!

With Love,


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