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Why it is recommended to expose kids to different languages

Why it is recommended to expose kids to different languages

As parents, we all want the best for our children's development. Should learning more than one language be an essential part of growing up? At Cali's Books, we created the best educational books to help your kids to learn languages with music.

Do you speak more than one language or wish you did? The benefits of raising multilingual kids extend far beyond talking to Abuela, Opa, or Sobo. Let's dive into the science and joy behind learning multiple languages with music and introduce you to the very best Cali's Books has to offer to your toddler.`

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As a multilingual person with French and Caribbean roots, it's always been important to have my kids share my culture. Language is a massive part of my experience of culture. Thankfully, at Cali's Books, we've made it fun and easy to learn languages with music. This post will teach you all about the importance of supporting bilingual and multilingual kids. If you want a head start on raising a little polyglot, why not check out the 7 Languages Collection? The alternative, Multicultural Collection, teaches languages and cultural aspects with song, dance, and the usual Cali's Books dose of joy.

Read on to discover the benefits of raising multilingual children, how easy it can be to learn at a young age, and how nursery rhymes can support your kids' language-loving brain chemistry!

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The Benefits of Raising Bilingual Children

Speaking more than one language will always benefit children at some point, but it's easy to think that it's better to wait until your toddler grows older. The good news for your child and their future, is that learning a new language doesn't impact their native language, and their brain is most flexible and open to discovering language switching between 0 and 3 years old. 

At Cali's Books, we like to teach various topics using music and sounds. Scientists have discovered that learning languages and music are intrinsically linked. Music helps with better pronunciation skills and memorization talents. Learning with music is both fun and effective!

Bonus: exposing kids to different cultures using language, music, and dance leads to better social skills and more openness to differences. That's definitely something to keep in mind when raising children in our modern society. 

We are proud of our educational, entertaining books here at Cali's Books, and we have the perfect collection of nursery rhymes to support your child's learning!

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You may wonder how you can teach new languages now that you know how exposing your kid to new languages and cultures can be beneficial to them. "But, Cali, I don't speak another language, and I'm not a teacher!" Don't worry; with our musical books as educational tools, you can enjoy learning alongside them. Each colorful page has engaging illustrations, delightful multilingual music to sing along to, and lyrics that enhance language skills. No teaching degree or language skills required from mom and dad.

Not only will your kid be able to learn languages, but they can also discover new cultures. Is their best friend Brazilian? They'll look forward to learning Brazilian Nursery Rhymes alongside them. Seeing ourselves reflected in books and media is a powerful tool for belonging. See if they can recognize something meaningful about their own multicultural family in our Multicultural Collection.

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