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Why I love reading fairy tales to my kids

Fairy Tales are a great way for parents and grandparents to bond with their little ones through reading! Our recordable books are books that you can record your voice on so your favorite storyteller is always there for reading time!

As a mom, I know how busy family life is and it can be really hard to find time in the day to read to your kids. Using Cali’s recordable books my toddlers can be read to, even when I am not there! They are still able to hear the words, follow along on the pages and bond with a parent or grandparent who is far from home. Kids can even record themselves reading fairytales to practice reading aloud or enjoy creating alternate endings. These interactive books are now an essential part of my children’s library. We keep several at hand and pull them out when needed, especially before bedtime! 

Hi, I'm Cali, Cali's Books Founder! I'm a happy mother of two young kids and an all-time book lover. I built Cali's Books publishing house for my children and I hope you enjoy our interactive books created with love to inspire and cultivate a love for reading. I am French, living in California and I'd love to share with you my experiences of bringing up my family in America. 

  • Why are fairytales a great read? 
  • Which classic story can my child read?
  • Why are our storybooks recordable?
  • What are their educational benefits?

Why are fairytales a great read? 

Classic fairytales can have a very positive impact on early childhood. As kids are beginning to learn about the world, the stories of their heroes overcoming adversity give them the confidence to face their own fears. They also remind us that actions matter, and the choices we make have consequences.

 “In a world where good and evil aren’t abstract concepts, I knew that like fairytale heroines, no magic would save me unless I had the wit, heart and courage to use it wisely.” — Terri Windling

Which classic story can my child read?

At Cali’s books we have chosen and adapted some of the most popular classic stories into recordable books that teach love and compassion. In our collection, my favorite books to read to my kids are: 

In Goldilocks, one short-lived adventure in the woods resulted in a lesson about ownership and respect. Goldilocks learned that breaking into someone’s home can be very dangerous, especially if said home belongs to a family of hungry bears. We also appreciate that the bears, who are not usually depicted as charming creatures, are the ones who inspire more sympathy. But just like anyone else, Goldilocks had things she liked and disliked. She even tried each item in the bears’ house until she found her favorite. One thing to take away is that we all have different desires, needs and opinions, so we must celebrate diversity. 

Hansel and Gretel is a great story to introduce your children to stranger danger. Of course, the main lesson here is to beware of strangers, and never trust them even if they treat you well. However, our favorite part is that children in this story are depicted as resourceful and smart. Hansel and Gretel managed to overcome many obstacles because of their quick thinking, and not by the grace of some divine intervention. Kids have different ways to identify with each character based on their anxieties, and it allows them to explore their fears within fantasy lands and enchanted forests. Besides, who doesn’t dream of a house made of cake? 

The Ugly Duckling is about hope and compassion, but most importantly, believing in yourself. It’s a lovely reminder that sometimes, any duckling can become a beautiful swan, even when it’s the last egg to hatch. Many children have worries about fitting in, for example when starting in a new class or moving to a new school. The issue of discrimination and prejudice is well illustrated and we appreciate the message it sends to young minds: we all grow and develop at a different pace, and that’s okay.

The classic tale of The Three Little Pigs is all about ​hard work paying off​. A quick fix will never be the right answer and it’s important to build our ideas on a solid foundation. Taking our time and planning ahead is often the best way to reach our goals successfully. And much like the three little pigs, toddlers can begin to understand that working together was the only way they were going to defeat the big bad wolf. 

In Jack and The Beanstalk the giant is a prime example of a greedy villain, so it’s pretty satisfying for my kids to see him get a taste of his own medicine. Sure, Jack is lucky to stumble on such opportunities, but similarly to Hansel and Gretel, it’s his smart thinking that allows him to benefit from the situation. Whilst taking risks will not always lead to a golden hen, the story encourages children to take advantage of any chance they get, as even the scariest risk can bring the possibility of reward.

Why are our storybooks recordable?

Ilove reading aloud to my kids, it helps me share valuable moments with my children. As my kids have grown older, teaching them to read aloud is not always easy. But an activity they enjoy is recording themselves, making learning how to read fun. My kids’ grandparents live in France, so the recordable books allow them to be present at bedtime, even when far away. Plus it’s always a great present from grandparents to grandchildren!

What are their educational benefits? *

In our books the new vocabulary words are highlighted, helping expand vocabulary whilst beginning reading independently. With the pictures and easy lettering, they are both educational and fun. They are great tools to teach essential skills such as: 

  • Motor skills
  • Pronunciation skills 
  • Reading comprehension
  • Reading with expression
  • Creativity and imagination 
  • Memory skills and understanding of sight words
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Fairy tales are a great way to teach them about literacy and simply broaden children's imagination. My kids can't stop talking about all the characters and plot twists they have read!

Find the perfect fairy tale in our recordable book collection.


Cali 💛

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