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Grandparents are reading a book to their grandson. Kids fun activity, recordable books for grandparents.

Tips About Recordable Books for Grandchildren and their Grandparents

Ask any grandparent and they will tell you, there is no better joy or a more precious gift in the whole world than that of a grandchild. The bond between a grandchild and their grandparents is magical and those relationships are extremely precious to all of those involved.

Why are grandchildren and grandparents so good together? What makes this relationship so unique and fun? I was so excited for our kids to get to know their grandparents but the response they got from them was even more than I expected! Our kids brought out a whole new side of them. It was as if they kicked into grandparent mode and had more fun and played more than I even remember them doing with us as we were kids.

Why does this matter? It is because this relationship, the grandchild/grandparent relationship, should be relished and enjoyed in the moment. It should also be memorialized for the inevitable time that those grandchildren grow up and become teenagers and eventually adults. This is where recordable books can play an important role: in making sure that those precious memories are reinforced with these amazing gifts.

You can get recordable books for grandparents, recordable books for grandchildren as well as recordable books for babies and toddlers. How can these recordable books preserve the beautiful and touching moments of this amazing relationship?

What are Recordable Books?

A granddad is reading a book to his grandson. Kids fun activity, recordable books for grandparents.

Recordable books are one of those gifts that become more valuable to you personally and grow more important and sentimental as it grows with you. These wonderful treasures are designed to capture moments in time that you can take with you and cherish forever. A beloved story, read by you or your grandchildren with your voice recordings saved, to be enjoyed in the future.

Imagine being able to read your grandchildren a story, even if you weren’t with them. Even better, imagine them telling you a story, reading you a goodnight tale, so that you can sleep well. My Recordable Books make this a reality.

How do Recordable Books Work?

A boy is listening to a recordable book. Kids fun activity, recordable books for grandparents.

Recordable books for grandparents and grandchildren are designed with the user in mind, making it simple to start recording. These recordable books for toddlers and babies store the sound of your voice, up to 50 seconds of it per page, allowing you to either read the story on the page or make one up as you see fit.

Each book is equipped with a powerful, battery-operated microphone that is set near the bottom of the book to capture the voices of whoever is reading or speaking. The recordable books also have 15 individual recordable buttons, one for each page of the book. This means that there is plenty of room for recording fun!

Why Recordable Books are Great Gifts for Grandchildren

A toddler is kissing his grandmother on the cheek. Kids fun activity, recordable books for grandparents.
Grandchildren adore their grandparents. Sometimes, it can even be a challenge to separate them when it is time to get going home. That is what makes a recordable book for grandchildren such a great gift.

Picture this scenario: You are going to pick up your kids from their grandparents’ home after a day of fun and special grandparent/ grandchild time. They are not going to want to leave and be separated from grandma and grandpa. In comes the My Recordable Book from Cali’s Books.

In this book is their favorite bedtime story, read by grandma and grandpa, just the way the kids like it. They could take home with them a piece of that special time with their grandparents. Christmas, birthdays, other holidays and significant milestones can all be improved with a recordable book! It’s like having a piece of grandma and grandpa with you, everywhere you go!

Best Recordable Books for Babies

Babies are amazing and as much as we love them, they love us more! They are enthralled by the sounds and sights of life all around them as they grow up and make sense of the world. Want to give them an exciting bit of stimulation that won’t overwhelm them?  The My Recordable book is a great gift for babies. Which are the best recordable books for babies?

  • The Ugly Duckling is a beautifully illustrated story that babies will love to look at, especially if it is your voice reading the story.
  • The Three Little Pigs has been a classic story for kids for decades. What better way to introduce it to your baby than through a book that reads the story to them, in your voice!
  • Another staple children’s story is Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Babies will love this tale and the vivid depictions of the story, as told by their favorite person!
  • Cali’s Books also has wonderful baby books that sing lyrics and play music, like the Baby Shark Nursery Rhymes, among many others.  

Best Recordable Books for Toddlers

As your babies grow, so can their taste in stories. They will sometimes want more adventure or more magic or perhaps even more princes and princesses. That is why there is a wide selection of recordable books for toddlers as well. What kind of stories?

  • Cinderella. The epic and entertaining tale of the maid who became married to the prince. An amazing story on its own but with you narrating it, in the eyes of those toddlers, it becomes the best story ever! 
  • Hansel and Gretel is another childhood favorite of many toddlers.
  • Beauty and the Beast is on the top of the list of many toddlers, even after being around for dozens of years. Make sure you get to read them that story, every night, even if you aren’t there! Do that with the My Recordable books for toddlers.

How to Use a Recordable Book

A grandfather is reading a book with his grandchild. Kids fun activity, recordable books for grandparents.

Cali’s Books crafted an easy-to-use and simple recordable book so that anyone can create memories with their loved ones. How simple is this process?

1. Purchase your choice of Cali’s Books Recordable Books and anxiously wait for its arrival in the mail!

2. Once received, open the book and remove it from the wrapping and box. No need to buy batteries, they are supplied with the books!

3. Open the battery compartment and make sure the switch is on record.

4. If you want to record over the demo, simply switch the button at the bottom of the book to My Recording.

5. Go to the page you wish to record over.

6. Press firmly on the button on the page to start recording. You are now recording!

7. Speak about 6-7 inches away from the microphone located directly beside the My Recording switch.

8. Review your recording. Listen to the recording to determine if you are satisfied with the recording. If not, press firmly down on the button and record again.

9. Repeat this process with every page you wish to record.

10. When finished, open the battery compartment at the back of the book and switch to the lock position. This will prevent your recordings from being accidentally erased or recorded over.

That’s it! You have officially created a one-of-a-kind memory that can travel with you into the future.


      This is a great video, detailing the entire process, with a copy of a Cinderella recordable book from Cali’s Books.

      How to Change the Battery in your Recordable Book

      Unfortunately, even the best batteries won’t work forever! That’s ok because changing the batteries is simple with My Recordable Books. Once the music dies out or stops in the middle of a song, it is time to change the batteries. How?

      1. Find the battery compartment in the back of the book. It should be very easy to spot.
      2. Once it is located, use a small screwdriver to open the compartment.
      3. Remove the dead batteries and check the state of the connections inside the battery case.
      4. Replace batteries and reinstall the battery cover, using the screw to lock it in place.
      5. Dispose of old batteries in an environmentally responsible manner.
      6. Voila! You will now have hours more fun and memories with your My Recordable book.

      Get Started with your First Recordable Story

      Cali’s Books has a wonderful selection of stories to choose from. Is this a recordable book for your grandparents? Find them a story they love and get the kids to read it to them! Is it a recordable book for the grandchildren? Have the grandparents read it!

       Are you looking for recordable books for toddlers? Cali’s Books has individual books as well as pre-packaged book bundles for your convenience and value. 

      Final Thoughts

      As humans, we crave that connection with those we love. This is our blood family and our chosen family. Anything that you can get to strengthen and reinforce that bond is massively beneficial to those relationships… and when they are as cool as My Recordable Books, they are fun to give away as gifts too!

      These books are meant to be a reminder, a little piece of those you love, that you can carry with you, which is something that we all want to do with our loved ones. At Cali’s Books, we are proud to be a part of that process.

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