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Buy any 3 sound books for $65
2 children planting flowers in honor of earth day

5 kids activities to celebrate Earth Month

Earth Day is like Mother’s Day. We know that the Earth (just like all mothers) should be celebrated and honored every day of the year—yet having a month to bring awareness and be extra loving to Mother Earth is something that I love to do, especially with my children.

The benefits of doing activities to celebrate the earth go beyond caring for our planet. When we do certain activities with our children, we strengthen the parent-child bond. We equip them with the necessary, practical knowledge. We teach positive values like empathy, service, and love for our planet.

You can do many DIY activities, but because I am a bit more practical, below are my recommendations for Earth Day/Month activities (no scissors required!)

5 activities to do with the children during Earth Month (and any day)

1. Plant Something!

Anything. We bought some flowers at the nursery and planted them. Will the flowers grow? Who knows! We will water them and care for them, but the key here is non-attachment. I let the children do their thing, and they were so happy to play with the soil and plant seeds, and that’s what matters.

Margaux (5) and Julien (3) fardening

Watch ‘The Biggest Little Farm’ on Hulu

I love this film! Is about a couple who decides to leave their lives in Los Angeles to build a sustainable farm from scratch. Is a very heart-warming, kid-friendly movie/documentary that teaches children the beautiful world of farming and living in harmony with nature.

Watch the trailer here:

3. Do a Beach Cleaning

Unfortunately, the beaches are not as clean as they should be, but we can convert that into a beautiful opportunity to teach our children the importance of keeping our oceans clean. Have a bit 30-minute beach cleaning session with your children, and you’ll finish feeling accomplished and proud. You’ve made a difference in the world; it doesn’t matter if it is small.

4. Earth-themed Reading and Coloring

Reading about nature is always a good idea, but also is singing and dancing! With our Love for Nature Bundle, even the littlest ones can participate in Earth Day activities. Besides, we also created free Earth Day coloring pages for you to download and color. You can download them here

5. Buy produce from a local farm

Small-scale farmers are the real heroes when it comes to Earth Day. They can turn a seed into food, and we don’t appreciate that enough. Instead of going to a supermarket, next time you need to buy some veggies go to a Farmer’s Market to support local agriculture and the people who work the closest with the earth.
Please let me know in the comments if you do any of these activities or if you have any more practical ideas on what to do during Earth Month. Let’s protect this beautiful planet for the next generations!


With love,


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