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Mother's Day is May 12 | Bundle up & save →
Three Easter Activities Your Kids Will Enjoy

Three Easter Activities Your Kids Will Enjoy

Easter is the perfect time to get outside, get dirty and messy hunting for eggs, and then curl up with a book or other calming indoor activity. Read on to find more ways to inspire yourself and your family!

Mother and son reading a book

Easter is my kids' favorite holiday after Christmas. Of course, they love to eat chocolate eggs, and we also find ways to have fun together as a family. Lately we’ve been enjoying singing and reading with your kids as part of your Easter activities.

  1. Easter Egg Hunts
  2. Creative Easter Activities
  3. Read Easter Books to (and with) Your Kids

Discover our Easter book! Our Easter Nursery Rhymes book is full of opportunities to sing and dance along with the magical Sound Button. It makes for a fantastic find during your egg hunt and can be gifted to all the little people in your life during this beautiful time. 

Easter is a great time to try your hand at some DIY Easter egg crafts. Some of these are super fun for grown-ups, too! Keeping the kid alive in all of us makes us more well-balanced people and parents.

Easter Egg Hunts

The tried and tested Easter Egg hunt is always a great classic. After creating the special Easter magic for a few years, are you finding yourself a little over the bog standard egg hunt? Whenever I feel a tradition needs a new twist, I see myself coming up with some of the most inspiring games. 

'Can You Find Your Name?' Easter Egg Hunt

Here at Cali's Books, we're all about fun and educational activities! Try painting letters onto different eggs in the yard. The first child to find all the eggs that spell out their name gets a prize. The prize can be beloved chocolate, an activity, or even a fun book.

Creative Easter Activities

Sometimes, when we get creative with our kids, we don't even know that our chosen activities can have critical developmental benefits. Why not get out the paintbrushes, crayons, and stickers and let your child decorate an egg in whatever way they like? 

It’s a great opportunity to learn to mix colors or use the scissors! Coloring and painting is another fun activity to try - you can download some free coloring pages to get started.

Important: It can be hard to hold back from teaching your child how to do something better or more efficiently in creative endeavors. Try and hold back as much as you can. Let their creativity run free and allow them to struggle with things. It will help teach them how much they can achieve if they keep trying.

The finished egg can have pride of place in the living room. All ready for grandma and grandpa to admire your little Picasso. I'm sure they'll be eggstatic! We know praising their effort goes a long way to teach them that they can succeed when they put the work in.

Read Easter Books to (and with) Your Kids

Easter nursery rhyme book cover

Books are magical. I may be a little biased on this front since I'm a lifetime lover of books who started Cali's Books to transmit my enthusiasm for them to my children and yours.

Our Easter Nursery Rhymes book is especially great to read with toddlers because it celebrates the Easter season with beloved melodies and plenty of eggs, bunnies, and chicks to join in on the fun.

The book features a sound button on every page that your child will love to explore. The interactive nature of our books allows you to read together long before your children know the alphabet A to Z.

Watch and discover how easily songs like Five Little Bunnies can get stuck in your head during your Monday morning routine. Why not try to develop a bit of a dance routine with your kids to perform?

These songs await you inside Cali's Books Easter Nursery Rhymes book:

humpty dumpty nursery rhyme

Humpty Dumpty: the beloved egg invented by Lewis Caroll in 1903 (of Alice in Wonderland fame) that couldn't be put back together after his great fall teaches children and adults alike to be careful around heights.

ten little easter eggs

Ten Little Easter Eggs: practice counting alongside this song and joyously sing along with your kids. 

a little duck on old macdonals farm

Old MacDonald: we know Old MacDonald had a farm, but this song specifically focuses on one specific Easter animal on that farm - the chick! The baby chick is an ancient sign of new life springing up. This is why it is traditionally associated with Easter times.

egg hunt nursery rhyme

Egg Hunt: a new take on the 1989 children's picture book 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' is here for the Easter season. We're going on an Egg hunt instead!

five little bunnies nursery rhyme


Five Little Bunnies: you may know the original as five little ducks, but chicks have had enough of the spotlight so far. Instead, the five little bunnies go thump, thump, thump.

easter and you know it nursery rhyme

If it's Easter and You Know It: sung to the tune of 'if you're happy and you know it,' this song allows you to express your happiness of it being Easter. Watch how your toddler joins in and claps their hands in time with the music. Round off the reading session with interactive vocal fun.

At Cali's Books we have more than just the Easter book. The Easter and spring themes can be found in our new editions of Humpty Dumpty, Old Macdonaldand select book bundles.

We also have a dedicated Easter gift bundle that is an ideal choice for Easter baskets, mixing fun with learning. Perfect for toddlers, it's where education meets excitement.

A Very Happy Easter to You

I hope you enjoyed this little look at some of my most beloved Easter activities. I'm sure I'm not the only one who finds spending time with family more important than ever after the past years. Easter is the perfect time to get outside, get dirty and messy hunting for eggs, and then curl up with a book or other calming indoor activity. Enjoy every moment surrounded by love, laughter, and light.

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