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FREE shipping above $50 (US Only)

Cali's Book Club

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Cali's books is not just an interactive children's books publisher, it is a family of book lovers dedicated to creating that spark in all the little book worms around the world. By joining the book club stay tuned to all the new books, freebies and news! We hope you enjoy our products so far and look forward to hearing from you and your family!

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Sound Books

Our musical books are colorful, fun, and engaging, making reading fun for the little ones at home. They are the perfect way to introduce children to the world of books.

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Recordable Books

The Timeless Collection is all about transitioning to longer stories and listening to fairy tales through the voice of our favorite story teller.

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Gift Accessories

We offer beautiful gift boxes, cards and stickers to send your Cali's books to your loved ones on that special day!

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