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“Learning another language is not only learning different words for the same things, but learning another way to think about things.”
–Flora Lewis

As a multilingual person with French and Caribbean roots, it's always been important to have my kids share my culture.

Speaking French is a massive part of my experience of culture, music and language.

That's why I created sound books in different languages for babies, toddlers and children when I founded Cali's Books.

In my opinion, there are so many additional benefits that come with learning a foreign language when you're a kid and hHere are some of them! 

1. Enhance problem solving

Speaking a foreign language increases a child’s ability to solve problems. How is this possible? Kids who speak multiple languages can understand the differences between those languages and switch between them, helping them view and solve problems differently than others.

2. Grow with creative thinking

Children are inherently creative and knowing how to speak both your native language and a foreign language increases that creative potential. Two languages mean twice the potential for expression. It also helps kids look at a situation from new perspectives, enabling them to release all that creativity within.

3. Improve verbal and spatial abilities

It only makes sense that learning new language skills makes other areas of your life more efficient and effective! For kids that speak multiple languages, verbal skills, vocabulary and spatial abilities all ranked higher than kids who spoke only one language.

4. Longer memory

Remembering two sets of grammatical rules (even though they likely don’t consciously think about it), two sets of alphabetic sounds and different sets of words sets kids up for amazing memory. Kids that speak two or more languages consistently show higher memory capacity than those who do not.

4. Cultural appreciation

Some words and concepts don’t translate fully to another language. Kids who learn a new language (perhaps your native tongue), can embrace the differences in culture more fully than if they didn’t know that language. The celebrations, the cultural traditions and the songs can all be more deeply appreciated when the language is understood.

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