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My Story Recordable Book

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My Story Recordable Book Case is the perfect gift for the creative reader! You can record your own story, as well as write and illustrate it!  My Story Recordable Book Case is gift-ready! It comes with a My story Blank Booklet inside, 3 size AAA batteries that can be easily replaced, and a specially designed gift box.

My Story Recordable Book Case is a creative way to help kids improve their reading and writing skills and promote self-expression. My Story Blank Booklet 2022 edition encourages children to create their own stories and illustrations. Adults love it too! With just a push of a button, they can record and playback a voice recording that will forever imprint their special memories.

Each Recordable Book comes with a total of 50 seconds of recording per page. My Story Recordable Book Case is compatible with My Story Blank Booklet. Add an extra My Story Blank Booklet to your basket and keep transforming your recordable book into your own stories.

This book is gift-ready! It comes with batteries included.

- For ages 3 to 10

- 12 x 9 x 1 inches and 2 lb.

- Two AAA batteries (can be bought in any hardware store)

To open the battery compartment for replacements or to record your book, use the phillips side of our trusty screwdriver!

How do I use My Story Recordable Book?
1. Write, draw and illustrate a story you know or invent!
2. Insert the book into your recordable book.
3. Record yourself reading your story.

Recordable Technology

Each Recordable Book comes with a total of 50 seconds of recording on EACH page.

Find out more about this feature with our recordable book guide.

Learn how to record your book in this handy video!

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