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What is the Best Gift for Mother’s Day?

What is the Best Gift for Mother’s Day?

Looking for the best gift for Mother’s day? We have the perfect activity that will inspire your kids to be creative as they make a thoughtful and practical gift for Mom. 

What is the best part about celebrating holidays with kids? Is it the screaming laughter? The unbridled joy? Perhaps it is the way that you can see them living fully in the moment, without worries or concerns about anything other than enjoying themselves.

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Celebrating any holiday with children gives you a peek into their perspective and you get the chance to see how they view the world. With this in mind, we designed My Story Recordable Book, a wonderfully creative gift that you can personalize. It’s a great activity for kids and it will definitely land on every “best gift for mom’s” list this year!

Make your own hand drawn story

Why a My Story Recordable Book is the Best Mother’s Day Gift 

As a mother, getting to see my kids celebrate any holiday is a gift in and of itself but when it comes to special holidays, as a mom, Mother’s Day takes the cake. My kids have given me some of my most prized gifts on Mother’s Day. To get a present from one of your kids that is truly an expression of their love and admiration for you is hard to beat. The best gifts for moms are always made by the hands of their kids. 

Whether they are made from paper, glue, backyard rubbish or anything else your kids can get their hands on, you know that it was crafted with love and with the intention to communicate that love. My Story Recordable Books are easy to use and your kids get to be creative, use their gifts and talents and make you a wonderful gift that can continue to grow with them, year after year.

How to Use My Story Recordable Book

What is a My Story Recordable Book and why is it one of the best gifts for moms you can buy? How can it be an activity for toddlers and be a present at the same time?

At Cali’s Books, we pride ourselves on being able to make products that create experiences and memories as a family. This is why we made the My Story Recordable Book. Did you know that the very act of making and giving a gift is beneficial for children? Selfless acts, like building and giving a gift on Mother’s Day, help grow empathy, reinforce values and will develop kindness in your kids.

press the button to listen to your recording

My Story Recordable Book is a blank storybook that your kids can draw, paint and color a story into. They can then record their voices on each page, bringing the storybook to life! This makes every page a unique and wonderful treasure. My kids each have their own style. Some use paint, others use crayons and some use glitter and glue! As for the recordings, sometimes they are sounds effects or music and other times are used to narrate the adventures on the pages. There are no limits to a child’s creative potential and My Story Recordable Book allows them to spread their wings and fly!

What is the Process to Build the “Best Gift for Mom”?

For a full tutorial, check out this video but the entire process was designed to be simple and fun. Ready to learn how to have a fun activity for your toddler and create a great Mother’s Day gift at the same time?

  1. Get our supplies ready. Want to use color pens? How about markers? Maybe pencil crayons? Glitter and stickers? Perhaps even some googly eyes? The choice is yours!
  1. Let your imaginations run free! This is what kids do best. Encourage them to be creative and think about their mom and how they feel or the things they do together. This should give them some ideas.
  1. Once you have your pages filled out, use the record button to record your voice for up to 50 seconds for each page.
  1. Make sure to follow the instructions in your booklet to save your recordings and put your My Story Recordable Book back in its box. It is ready to be wrapped!
  1. Wrap your gift and give it to Mom!

How to Create the Perfect Gift for Mom

A mother’s bond with her kids is indescribable to anyone who doesn’t have children and even then, all kids are unique and so is your connection to them. What makes these gifts so valuable and precious is that it manages to capture a child’s mindset and personality in time, kind of like an interactive photograph.

There is an added bonus to having your kids create and be involved in the making of a Mother’s Day gift. You are giving them an outlet to flex their creative muscles and by having them make a gift with their input, you are giving them an opportunity to be proud of their work. These moments are powerful memories that help shape your kids’ personalities and self-image.

My story recordable book case is a creative way to help kids improve their reading and writing skills and promote self-expression


Ideas for “the World’s Best Gift for Moms”!

  •   A story about the crazy adventure your kids went on to get this gift to you. (Pirates, magic, bears… you name it, it can happen) which they then narrate.
  •   A list of their favorite memories or activities to do with Mom.
  •   Lyrics to songs that your kids sing and record on each page.
  •   “Why my Mom is the best Mom in the world!” list which they can then read out and record.
  •   A story about what the day would look like if Mom and Dad switched places for the day!

Enjoy and Savor Every Moment

If you speak to any parent with grown children, you know that they all have the same experience. “It goes by so quick…”

Take the time to savor these moments with your kids and enjoy their presence, innocence and joy. My Story Recordable Book allows you to take a piece of that time and bring it with you into the future. You will always remember the great times you have with your kids but a tangible, handmade gift that captures their voice, their expressions and their hearts will be a treasure that you can value forever. 

A message to every Mom out there. You do the most important work in the world and while it can be hard, it is the most rewarding and satisfying endeavour you can ever be a part of. Happy Mother’s Day!



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